Kangana Ranaut recited ballads in praise of ‘Jawan’! Said Shah Rukh Khan – “God of Cinema”

Bollywood’s queen actress Kangana Ranaut is often seen attacking other stars. It is very rare that she praises a star or his film. However, on the occasion of the release of Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawaan, the actress has praised the film. Even Kangana has called Shah Rukh Khan the god of cinema.

Shahrukh Khan’s movie ‘Jawaan’ was released in theaters today and Kangana Ranaut posted a story on her Instagram on the first day of the release of ‘Jawaan’ and for ‘Jawaan’ she posted the full story of the movie along with Shah Rukh Khan. Congratulations to the team. The actress wrote a long note while sharing the poster of ‘Jawaan’.

Kangana wrote, “From life as the ultimate ’90s loveboy to the decades-long struggle for reinvention, his connection with his audience in his late 40’s to 50’s and almost 60 years of age. He emerged as one of the best major Indian actors.” In real life, he is none other than a megastar.

The Chandramukhi actress continued, “I remember there was a time when people ignored her and made fun of her choices, but her struggle is a master class for all artists who enjoy long careers but her.” must be rediscovered and rediscovered.” -founded.

Kangana didn’t stop there, she went on to write, “There is a god of cinema that film needs not only for its hugs or dimples, but to save some part of the world.” A tribute to your passion, your hard work and your courtesy, King Khan.

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