Kangana Ranaut: Accepting Fake Video As Truth, Kangana Ranaut Criticized Qatar Airways CEO

Recently, Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut, who has spoken out in support of BJP leader Nupur Sharma, has called Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker. In fact, a video is going viral on social networks, in which Akbar Al Bakr makes fun of a person named Vasudev. Kangana has written a long and comprehensive post against the CEO of Qatar Airways regarding this matter. However, Kangana later deleted this post from Instagram.

In fact recently a video is going quite viral on social media in which Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Bakr tells a social media user named Vasudev that he is poor and says that Vasudev is a shareholder of only Rs 624.50 on our airlines. Hey. We don’t know how to operate them now. Due to which we have stopped and stopped all flights’. Now that he accepts this fake video as true, Kangana has written a big post on his Instagram account, accusing Akbar Al Bakr of making fun of a poor ‘Indian’ and said that those who like this video are from countries like India. load for ‘.

In fact, when Kangana Ranaut later learned that this video of the CEO of Qatar Airways is completely fake, shortly after Kangana deleted his Instagram post. This post was uploaded by Kangana on his Instagram story. It is known that after the controversial statement of the BJP leader, Nupur Sharma, about the Prophet Muhammad, Qatar had raised an emergency. Regarding this matter, a person named Vasudev had called for a boycott of Qatari goods and airlines via video.

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