Kamya Punjabi’s spilled pain, Armaan Kohli abused in front of everyone, then cried a lot in private.

Fans of TV actress Kamya Punjabi (Kamya Panjabi), another Bigg Boss 15 contestant, Pratik (Pratik Sehajpal) got very angry for speaking up in support of Bigg Boss 15 contestant Jay Bhanushali. Prateek fans have reminded Kamya that Jai Bhanushali had abused Prateek’s mother after a fight at Bigg Boss’s house in the past. Prateek fans reminded Kamya of all this because when Kamya herself was once a part of Bigg Boss 7, there was a lot of fighting between her and contestant Armaan Kohli and then Armaan abused Kamya fiercely. And after this incident, the actress raised the Bigg Boss. house in your head.

However, after hearing from Prateek fans, Kamya took to social media and clarified the developments with him on social media. Kamya writes, ÔÇťArman not only called me a divorcee, but he also abused many mothers and sisters. I used to laugh when I saw her and then I went alone and cried a lot. Kamya further writes: ‘I did not show any aggression, nor did anyone break Bigg Boss’s property, otherwise what would have been the difference between the two? And abuse is abuse, whether it’s cricket or Big Boss.

Kamya Panjabi's spilled pain, said: 'Armaan Kohli abused in front of everyone in Bigg Boss 7, then he cried a lot in private

Let us tell you that Kamya appeared on the seventh season of the Punjabi TV reality show Bigg Boss. During that time there was a lot of tension between him and the contestant Armaan Kohli present in the house. Kamya’s first marriage was to Bunty Negi and she also has a daughter Ara from this marriage, this marriage did not last long, after which Bunty and Kamya divorced in 2013. At the same time, Kamya has married Shalabh Dang for the second time.

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