Kamya Punjabi criticizes Shamita Shetty for tweeting, know what she said

Actress Kamya Punjabi is a huge Bigg Boss fan. Kamya doesn’t miss out on watching any season of Bigg Boss. The actress, who is very active on social media, often shares her views on many things related to the reality show Bigg Boss. ‘Bigg Boss 15’ premiered in October and the show has completed 3 weeks of airing, but the new season is making headlines for many reasons. In a recent episode, Jai Bhanusali sacrificed 25 lakh rupees to enter the house.

Actually, Bigg Boss said that those who live in the forest can enter Bigg Boss house 15 instead of Rs 25 lakh. That will be deducted from the amount of the prize. When Jai decided that everyone should stay on the program and give up 25 lakh rupees. Shamita Shetty called Jai’s decision “silly.” He also claimed that Jai has caused further damage to the prize money. In reaction to this, Kamya Punjabi tweeted: ‘Hey, what was Shamita Shetty expecting? 6 people drop out of the program to earn the remaining 25 lakhs? This time it wasn’t just about Jai. The rest of the people have not come one bit in the procession.

Later in the episode of Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman Khan broached the whole thing. He stopped Jai, calling his principles false. Salman Khan said: “The prize money was Big Boss, why did you take such a strong position to save your image?” To this, Jai replied: ‘I have a weakness: I have never played the money game. Suddenly they started making deals and it felt like a gamble. On the other hand, Shilpa Shetty and Shamita Shetty’s brother Rajeev Adtiya have a wild card entry on the show.

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