Kalil Haché’s daughter appreciates the tribute they make to her in a weight tournament

“The family of the late promoter Kalil Haché continues to greatly value the respect and affection that the sports family has for the late cavalry general of the Army of the Dominican Republic,” said his daughter Maribel Haché on Wednesday.

Haché highlighted the admiration that the outstanding polo player and sports promoter had in life and continues to have, by thanking his father for the dedication to his father of the Kalil Haché Civic-Military Weightlifting Cup, whose first version inaugurated today in the doctor José Joaquín Puello pavilion , from the Parque del Este.

“On behalf of the Haché Malkún family, we continue to be grateful for the immense respect and affection that sport continues to show our father. Today, in your name, I give you the hug that my father would have given you with affection, love and sincerity, together with those words of encouragement to each of the athletes who today compete in this event, ”he highlighted.

Maribel, accompanied by her son Manuel Fernández Haché, received the recognition made to her father. The plaque was presented by the respective presidents of the Dominican Federation of Weights and the Military Sports Circle, William Ozuna and Major General Elvis Marcelino Féliz Pérez.

The ceremony began at 10:15 in the morning on Wednesday with the parade of athletes, followed by the intonation of the National Anthem and the religious invocation, by Wendy Mejía.

Then there were words from Ozuna, Féliz Pérez, Antonio Acosta, president of the Dominican Olympic Committee, and Franklin de la Mota, Vice Minister of Sports, on behalf of Minister Francisco Camacho.

All agreed to ponder the human qualities that adorned the life of Kalil Haché, as well as his love and support for military and national sport.

Ozuna, Féliz Pérez and Acosta also highlighted the role that the military institutions and the National Police have played in the development and support of Dominican sport in high competition.

This year’s Tokyo 2020 Olympics bronze medalist Crismery Santana took the sports oath. The Army Brigadier General, Mélido Barrios Marte, raised the honor to open the event, which is endorsed by the International Federation and the Pan American Weightlifting Federation.

The Federation of Weights made other recognitions, to Dr. Francisco Valdez Mena, orthopedist of the selection of weights and to the Franco-born Maximinio Martínez, the most awarded athlete at the national level and one of the great icons of the country in sport in the international arena. Martínez competed for 20 years.

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“This recognition is a pleasant surprise and I see it as a sign that the work done with the athletes has paid off,” said Dr. Valdez Mena.

In addition to those mentioned, General Julio César Hernández Olivero, director of the Cartographic Institute of the Army of the Dominican Republic; Retired General (PN) Miguel Raúl de la Cruz Reyna, paratrooper colonel Luis Daniel García Cordero, Air Force sports director

First champions

Cristoffel Peralta, Julio Cedeño, Breylin Pacheco and Jhon Pirón won the first gold medals of the “In Memoriam” Kalil Haché Civic-Military Cup.

Cedeño, Pacheco and Pirón, three members of the top national team, asserted their status as favorites to be crowned in the 55, 73, 61 and 67 kilogram divisions, respectively.

Cedeño won the first gold for the National Police, dominating the total of 73 kg, with 305 kilos lifted, after achieving movements of 135 in snatch and 170 in clean and jerk.

Francisco Tontón, from the Dominican Republic Army (ARD), won the silver medal with 280 kilos (147 and 153) and the bronze was won by Albelín Guzmán, from the Dominican Republic Army (ARD), with 257 kl (112 and 145 ).

Another member of the Police, Pirón, had no major setbacks to dominate the 61 kilograms, a test in which he was proclaimed with a mark of 255 total kilos (117 and 138 in snatch and clean and jerk). The Petromacorisano was escorted by Juan Vargas, from the Air Force, who achieved 245 (105 and 140).

While Pacheco, representing the Army, was crowned in 67 kilograms by finishing with total of 252 kilos, product of 116 and 136 in snatch and clean and jerk, successively.

He surpassed by eight kilos the national team Yeison Michel, from the Dominican Republic Air Force (FARD), winner of the silver with 244 kilos (107, 137) and the veteran Luis García (FARD) arrived in third position with 238 ( 105, 133).

Finally, Peralta won another gold for the Army, after dominating the 55 kg with a mark of 206 (96 and 110). Dariel Féliz, from Barahona, achieved the silver medal with a total of 190 (86, 104) and the bronze went to Yeuri Pacheco, from San Cristóbal, who lifted 120 total kilos (55 and 65).


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