Kajol was in such a condition due to fatigue on the day of the marriage, she had made this demand to Ajay Devgan.

Kajol and Ajay Devgan got married in the year 1999. Now Kajol and Ajay Devgan are the parents of two children. Nyasa and Yug are very active on social media. Kajol is often seen talking about her family and her children. At the same time, Kajol was seen telling stories about her marriage.

According to Curly Tales, the Trial Kajol actress told how she got married. However, she Kajol also said that she lived as a very relaxed girlfriend. Ella kajol said that she had no stress about her marriage. She though she had become quite restless in her marriage. Kajol’s marriage had lasted a long time, so she was very tired. In such a situation, after elbowing Ajay Devgan, she Kajol had said that ‘Tell Panditji to hurry up, man.’

Kajol said, ‘When we were getting married, I told Ajay to tell Pandit ji not to rush. It was taking a long time. Our marriage was to be done according to two customs. We got married in the Maharashtrian way and then took seven rounds. So he was tired of sitting. So at that point he was just wanting to wake me up.

Kajol also told why she was not stressed in her marriage. Kajol said: The family and my sister were there to take care of everything. She made all the arrangements. My whole family was under stress. I was organizing everything. While I was there, I sat down to do my makeup. My makeup was done by Mickey Contractor.

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