Kajal Aggarwal Net Worth: Luxurious House, Expensive Vehicles… Kajal Aggarwal Lives Such a Luxurious Life

Kajal Aggarwal Lifestyle, House, Fees, Net Worth: South’s Lady superstar Kajal Aggarwal is enjoying her pregnant days these days. Kajal Aggarwal’s name is included in the list of the best actresses in the industry. Kajal has also shown her prowess as an actress in Bollywood, the actress is also called Lady Singham. But do you know that Kajal Aggarwal lives like a princess in real life? Today we will tell you about the net worth of Kajal Aggarwal.

Kajal Aggarwal has a luxurious house in Mumbai, where she lives with her husband Gautam. The cost of Kajal’s house is in millions of rupees. Apart from this, she also has a maternal uncle in Mumbai and was born in this house. Kajal also started her career from this house. The actress has decorated every corner of this house with her own hands.

Kajal Aggarwal may not have banked her coin on Bollywood, but today she is a well-known star of the South. Kajal Aggarwal charges between one and two million rupees for her film.

Kajal Aggarwal is a huge fan of vehicles so she has quite a collection of cars. Kajal herself owns 3 luxury vehicles like Mini Cooper, Audi. The cost of these Kajal vehicles is more than 3 million rupees.

Kajal Aggarwal earns around Rs 14 million a year. Aside from movies, Kajal’s source of income also includes advertising. According to media reports, Kajal Aggarwal’s net worth is around Rs 66 crore. We report that Kajal Aggarwal married Gautam Keechlu last year. Gautam and Kajal recently shared the good news of becoming parents soon by sharing a post.

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