Kabul Airport: Alarm bell rang!

Washington: The US State Department has issued a high alert regarding the attacks on Kabul Airport.

According to the details, the high alert issued by the State Department has instructed the American citizens to stay away from certain parts of Kabul Airport.

The US State Department has warned that citizens should leave the eastern, northern and Abbey gates of Kabul Airport immediately, as there is a risk of ISIS attack on the airport.

The alert warns that citizens should not go to Kabul Airport under the instructions of the authorities, and citizens of the United Kingdom and Australia have also been instructed to stay away from Kabul Airport.

On the other hand, despite the security alert, efforts are being made to reach Kabul Airport. 1,500 people with US passports and visas arrived at Kabul airport.

Kabul Airport, new safety guidelines issued

Earlier, a new safety guideline for air traffic service pilots was issued at Kabul Airport. A safety bulletin issued by the International Federation of Airline Pilots Association states that pilots will not be provided services at Kabul Airport unless flights are given prior permission.

According to the Safety Bulletin, military agencies are monitoring the pre-authorization of flights in Kabul, due to which the airlines have been asked to strictly implement the pre-authorization program.


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