Kabir Khan Said: The Mughals Were The True Nation Builders Of The Country | Filmmaker Kabir Khan made a great statement about ‘Mughals’, he said

Famous Bollywood filmmaker Kabir Khan has continued to make headlines these days due to some of his statements. In fact, Kabir Khan has made a great statement about the Mughals, he says that. . It is quite disturbing that Mughals are portrayed in movies in a very negative way. At the same time, he said that these movies are just to get headlines, while they have nothing to do with historical events. Kabir Khan said that Mughal was the true nation builder of the country.

Kabir Khan said in his statement that this is very disturbing because people are presenting facts according to popular narrative these days. I can understand that when a filmmaker does research for his film, he is trying to make a point. Yes, there may be different perspectives on a topic. If you want to show a negative aspect about the Mughals, do your research and present it with facts. And explain why this happened. Why were those people villains and why do you think that?

He said that when you read history, you will find that it will be very difficult to understand why he is portrayed as a villain. I think he was the true builder of the nation. But some people say they committed murder, but I ask them on what basis they say it. Please mention the historical event when this happened. Have an open debate, don’t say it just to be popular.

During a conversation with a famous movie portal, Kabir Khan said that nowadays it has become a trend to portray the Mughal and Muslim rulers as villains. This is disturbing. Unfortunately, I cannot respect those films. This is my personal opinion.

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