Kabila caught tilapia weighing one and a half kilograms in Barashi

Kabila is the popular actor of Bengali films. Real name Nazrul Islam Shamim Kabila started his acting career in 1988 with the film ‘Yantrana’. Initially he gained popularity by playing negative roles but later became more popular as a comedian.

However, this actor has not been on the screen for a long time. Not appearing on screen due to larynx problem. But that did not stop his activities. He continues to exercise regularly and work on his own. Not only that, Kabila also trained in acting and martial arts. He also spends the rest of his time on his own. Updates of those come up on social media.

Kabila has a pond of its own. Where fish is farmed. He fished in the pond in his spare time. Recently caught a tilapia weighing one and a half kg from that pond. The picture of that fish went viral on Facebook. Millions of likes were read in that picture.

Kabila says about tilapia fishing, I caught from my own pond, native tilapia fish, about one and a half kg weight. Remember what you eat.

Thousands of petitions have emerged against Kabila’s sentence. Netizens eager to share tilapia fish.

However, one of Kabila’s other identities is that he is a national boxer, having played in the Brothers Union Club. He dreamed of becoming a footballer since childhood. Played football at Arambagh Sporting Club for a time.

Although not recognized as a footballer, he gained national recognition in acting. He won the National Film Award for Best Actor in the category of ‘Andhakar’.

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