Home Sports Juventus already know Alvaro Morata’s purchase price

Juventus already know Alvaro Morata’s purchase price

Juventus already know Alvaro Morata's purchase price

Álvaro Morata has been one of Juventus’ big targets in Turin for a while. The Spanish player welcomes the opportunity to return to La Vecchia Signora who already knows firsthand the price he would have to pay to get his services before the market closes next week.

The Madrid club have made it clear that they are not ready to negotiate the sale Alvaro Morata and that, if the juventus If he wants to sign him, he will have to pay his cancellation clause, which is estimated at 21 million euros. This position reflects the importance Alvaro Morata has in the team and the intention of Sporty to keep his squad competitive for the current season, moreover the proximity of the market would prevent him from pursuing the market in search of alternatives for his striker.

I got lucky the third time

The possibility that morata go back to juventus It’s attractive for both the player and the Italian club, where the striker has already completed two more than remarkable stints. However, the final decision is in the hands of both parties and will depend on how the talks develop and what decisions are made in the final days of the transfer market, which are already known Vecchia Signora The price he has to pay for the Madrid attacker.

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