Home Sports Juvenile Diego Viyella wins Blue Marlin fishing tournament

Juvenile Diego Viyella wins Blue Marlin fishing tournament

Juvenile Diego Viyella wins Blue Marlin fishing tournament

The youthful Diego Viyella became the top figure in the International Blue Marlin Fishing Tournament, in its thirtieth edition by winning the Seguros Reservas cup organized by the Santo Domingo Nautical Club.

Viyella sailed on the Grace boat from where she was able to achieve two blue marlin on the last day to add them to another four on the first date, concluding with 1,200 points. He also received distinction as a fisherman who released the first marlin on both dates, as well as awards in the line of boats with the highest score.

Puerto Rican Ángel -Tito- Muntaner finished with the same number of points, but had to settle for second place as he released his sixth needle to tie with the champion, which means a difference in the release time. Third place went to Jesús Montano, who finished with a thousand points. Both Muntaner and Montano sailed in the Angela boat.

By teams, “PR’s Boys” was crowned, made up of Luis Infanzón, Jesús Montano and Humberto Quintana, who accumulated two thousand points. The Malcriaos climbed the second rung with 1,800 points. It was made up of Tito Muntaner, Miguel Ricart and Domingo Villeya. The third place corresponded to the Arrecho team, with 1,400 points. Its members were Elías Ignacio Cruz, Charles Donato and Rafael Paulino.

The best boat of the event held from the 14th to the 16th of currents under the direction of Wally Heinsen Angela came out with 2,800 points, followed by Sisu with 2,600 and Grace with 1,600. The last needle released on the first day was for Jesús Montano, while Elías Ignacio Cruz achieved the distinction on the second date. All received awards from Claudia Defilló, East Regional Director of Seguros Reservas, who was together with Commodore Héctor Duval and members of the fishing committee at the delivery. Director Wally Heinsen received awards from Duval and José Luis Núñez for his dedication and dedication.

During the closing ceremony, Commodore Héctor Duval took the floor to thank the participating fishermen, as well as the sponsors. At the conclusion of the awards ceremony, those present enjoyed a delicious dinner and live music by the Nano Music band.


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