Juve risk another terrible penalty

Juventus’ legal battles have only begun. His lawyers are preparing for the appeal at the Guarantee College, third degree of sports justice, and they will try to prove a defect so that you can cancel the 15 penalty points for the alleged fictitious capital gains imposed by the Court of Appeal. The revocation instance that reopened the trial, according to the lawyers of the Bianconero club, exceeded the period of 30 days from the knowledge of the new facts, as provided for in article 119 of the code of sports justice. The FIGC prosecutors defined that of Juventus “a fraudulent system” with wiretaps “that have confession value”, and a huge amount of “disturbing documents”, such as invoices corrected with pen.

The issue of capital gains, however, will not be the only one that the people of Turin will have to deal with. In addition to the journey in ordinary justice that will start in March for the entity and its managers involved, another sports trial could begin soon. The Federcalcio Prosecutor’s Office requested 40 more days to investigate the “salary maneuver”that of the ‘Cristiano Charter’, with which Juve formally cut several months of their players’ salaries, reducing their balance sheet expenses in 2020 and 2021, but specifically postponed them for the following year by closing individual agreements and violating as well as federal regulations. According to ‘Corriere dello Sport’, this investigationalong with relations with agents and collaboration with other clubs, can lead to even harsher punishments. The newspaper claims that Prosecutors will ask, in the best of cases, 20 more sanction points, which would be added to the 15 already removed, and tens of millions of euros in fines. A disaster that also has UEFA measures in sight, which will wait for the final Italian sentences to act.

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