Justo Fernández wins in three of the six categories of the KiteFest Cesantes

He KiteFest Unemployed Xunta de Galicia Trophy The curtain came down this Sunday adding a new edition, and there are six, bringing together almost a hundred people on the Redondela beach riders from different parts of Spain and Europe. This Sunday the last of the three days that the event lasted was held, and in which the Medal Races and also the jumping and jumping contest were held. freestyle that a large public followed on the beach and from the village installed in Cesantes. Of course, without a doubt the great protagonist was the Argentine based in Cangas Justo Fernández, who won three of the six categories in contention: Louzao Kite Foil, Pro and ABANCA Wingfoil.

The modalities of kiting Louzao Kite Foil, Pro, Aceites Abril Twintip, Surf and Tiki competed this Sunday in the Medal Races, to which the entire fleet no longer had access, but only the 10 or three best classified last Saturday depending on the category No changes on the podium of Louzao Kite Foil, class in which Justo Fernández managed to maintain the leadership and revalidated the title of champion achieved last year. At seven points Gabriel Arias was left with the silver while the rider from TMKiteClub Ignacio Vicente finished third. Fernández climbed back to the top of the podium in Prowhich he shared with Marcelo Cortés, second, and the Catalan David Marín, third.

Thanks to a 4-6 run, Iván Carballo from Baion managed not only to enter the podium in Abril Twintip Oils but also climb to the top to prevail over Horacio Pequeño and Francisco Costas. In the women’s classification, her partner in the TMKiteClub Mª del Carmen Nieto was the winner, followed by Vera Vázquez and the French Helène Lambrey, who this year left Cesantes with two bronzes (in Twintip and Wingfoil). Patricia Suárez from Vigo (a sailor in addition to the Spanish pre-Olympic sailing team) registered her name in the history of winners of the KiteFest Cesantes Xunta de Galicia Trophy by winning in the category Surf (kite with surfboard). Victoria García-Lastra was second and Mª del Mar Gallardo, third. In the men’s general there were no changes compared to last Saturday and Ramón Mantilla took the final victory followed by José Ríos, also from TMKiteClub Cesantes, and Luis Sampedro. Two more tests added this Sunday the riders who competed in tikiwhose podium was occupied by Lucas Muller, Andrés Douglas and Fernando Martín.

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Revolution in the general of ABANCA Wingfoil

It is the new trend in sports disciplines in the water and for this reason it could not be missing at the KiteFest Cesantes Trofeo Xunta de Galicia. It consists of “flying” over the water with the help of an inflatable wing that is operated with the hands and, at the feet, with a board with a foil which causes it to rise above the water. After three more rounds, the podium was turned upside down and was finally occupied by Justo Fernández (who won all three tests today), Hugo Martínez and the French Helène Lambrey.

As a climax to the day, the competition of Freestyle and Big Air. After 4:00 p.m., the Freestyle tricks and the Big Air jumps put the icing on the cake before the public gaze. In amateur Freestyle, Fran Costas prevailed and in Pro the young Rafa Montero, runner-up in the under-19 world. In the version with surfboard, the rider professional David Marín was the best. Iván Carballo was the one who managed to jump the highest, taking his second prize in this edition.


Louzao Kite Foil

1. Justo Fernandez, 3+1+1+2+2+2=11

2. Gabriel Arias, 2+2+2+4+4+4=18

3. Ignacio Vicente, 1+7+4+6+10+10=38


1. Justo Fernandez, 6/DNC+1+1+2+2=12

2. Marcelo Cortes, 1+6/SCP+4+6+4=21

3. David Marin, 6/DNC+2+3+4+6=21

male surfing

1. Ramon Mantilla, 3+2+1+2+4=12

2. Jose Rios, 1+3+2+14/UFD+2=22

3. Luis Sampedro, 6+7+3+8+6=30

female surfing

1. Patricia Suarez, 16/DNC+4+7+4+8=39

2. Victoria Garcia-Lastra, 16/DNC+5+5+10+14/DNF=50

3. Mª del Mar Gallardo, 16/DNC+8+11+6+10=51


1. Lucas Muller, 1+1+1+2+2=7

2. Andres Douglas, 2+2+2+4+4=14

3. Fernando Martin, 3+3+4+6+8/DNF=24

Abril Twintip Male Oils

1. Ivan Carballo, 10+6+4+4+6=30

2. Little Horace, 5+13+15+2+4=39

3. Francisco Costas, 7+15+6+6+8=42

April Oils Female Twintip

1. Mª del Carmen Nieto, 21+17+11+8+28/DNF=85

2. Vera Vazquez, 8+20+17+16+28/DNF=89

3. Helene Lambrey, 19+17/SCP+18+28/UFD+10=92

FAN Wingfoil

1. Justo Fernandez, 4+(12/DNF)+1+1+1=7

2. Hugo Martinez, 1+1+6+(12/UFD)+2=10

3.Helene Lambrey, 2+(5)+4+2+3=11

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