Justin Quiles:

After launching collaborations with Carin León, Myke Towers, Ozuna, Natti Natasha, Daddy Yankee and the television presenter Laura Bozzo, the urban artist of Puerto Rican descent Justin Quiles prepares for his first solo concerts in Mexico.

Quiles performed at the Flow Fest in Mexico City in 2018 and last year at the edition of the urban music festival in Guadalajara. In October he will have concerts in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey, his first solo in the country.

“I’m super excited,” he said smiling in an interview held at a hotel in the capital. “I’m nervous, I want to bring an incredible show to Mexico and I want people to enjoy it with me to the fullest.”

Prior to these concerts, he will perform at the Movistar Arena in Santiago de Chile. He added that he would like to have guests, but preferred not to reveal their names for now.

Quiles was recently one of those invited to the debut of the regional Mexican artist Carin León at the National Auditorium in the capital. It was the first time they sang “La esquina del mal” in concert, a song about a hot relationship.

“I respect Carin a lot, a tremendous artist from Mexico, an incredible voice that she has,” Quiles said.

In the video for the theme, filmed in Mexico City, Quiles and León appear in a cantina in a mansion. Bozzo also participates.

“I love her so much,” Quiles said of Bozzo. “She’s like an aunt or a mother, a tremendous lady, I love it because she is what she is, she represents what she is, she never changes for anything in the world, what she feels or what she wants to say, she says and for me those people are specials”.

Quiles premiered the remix of his song “Whiskey y Coco” last month with Myke Towers and Ozuna, after releasing the original version only with Towers.

“It’s a song that I always had a lot of faith in, I had it saved, I wanted a specific collaboration, I thought that Myke Towers was the perfect person to complement the song,” he said. “It’s my first collaboration with Ozuna on this remix so I feel like it was something super nice.”

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“We did it well summer,” he said. “The rhythm takes me to the beach.”

Quiles said that he does like whiskey with coconut water, “if you haven’t tried it, you have to try it. If it’s (water) from a coconut, even better and with a little bit of coconut inside.”

Shortly before, he premiered “En bajita” with Natti Natasha and Omar Courtz, about a girl who no longer answers his messages.

“Omar Cors is a new artist from Puerto Rico, a new star that is rising,” he said. “Natti is tremendous, I think she complemented the collaboration very well. It’s a song that we did thinking more about the perreo from Puerto Rico, a more underground perreo (of alternative culture), more street.”

In the case of “La hora y el día”, which he sings with Daddy Yankee and Dalex, it was an opportunity to connect with Yankee, whom he has known for a long time, in a song inspired by complications from infidelities that only leave an empty bed.

“We are tremendous friends, we have a beautiful friendship, we have created many songs together,” he said. “In this song we talk about regret, maybe failing a partner. These are things that happen in real life and we write them down and make them part of a song.”

Quiles announced that he is preparing a collaboration with Anitta and Lenny Tavárez. For now, he enjoys seeing his fans enjoying his music live, like in his recent concerts in the United States and Europe.

“We are going to bring happiness to the people, I believe that artists are what we dedicate ourselves to and that happiness also becomes our happiness,” he said.

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