The famous pop singer Justin Bieber said some time ago that his face has been attacked by the Ramsay Hunt Syndrome virus, due to which his face has become paralyzed. Knowing about Justin’s paralysis, his fans were heartbroken and people started praying for his speedy recovery. Meanwhile, Justin’s wife, Hailey Bieber, has given an update on the singer’s health. According to Hailey Bieber, Justin is already doing well and getting better.


Speaking to Good Morning America, Hailey Bieber said: ‘He’s getting better every day. He feels great. Obviously what happened was very scary and it was very sudden, but he’s getting better now. Everyone gave best wishes, advice. It was so beautiful to see this.

A few days ago, Justin Bieber shared a video on social networks on his Instagram, in which he told that he suffers from a disease called Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. Due to which his face has become paralyzed. Justin says in the video: ‘I have this illness due to a virus, which has attacked my work and the nerves in my face. Because of this, I have paralysis on one side of my face. I can’t blink, you can see this. I can’t even smile from this side, and my nose can’t even move from this side.