Justice will be done for the rich and for the power, said Santiago Barreto’s uncle after the court ruling

The justice This Wednesday condemned the police officer who killed Santiago Barreto on February 25, 2023. He was sentenced to four years and two months in prison for aggravated homicide due to possibly intentional use of a firearm.

Barreto, 26, was riding his motorcycle to a dance at the Cerro Fishing Club when he encountered police. Officers attempted to stop him for a routine check, but he did not stop. A chase ensued during which one of the police officers shot him and wounded him in the back, causing his death.

The young man’s uncle said so Underlined that Santiago’s death “was all mud, they lifted the casings, they lifted the motorcycle, they didn’t communicate by radio what had happened (…) everything was done badly from the start.”

Luis Peñalva said: “Justice is done for the rich and for the powerful.” And he added: “This was a clear case of trigger-happy behavior in which Santiago was killed from behind and we did not even receive a call from the Interior Ministry.” Peñalva hopes the ministry will hold a press conference apologizing.

According to him, the incident happened in the block where his grandmother lives and there were people there at that time. “Everything that is happening is very sad and I hope that no family or innocent people die again at the hands of the police or the state,” he said.

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