Justice resumes the death of Ángel Nieto: “The helmet flew off”

Six years have passed since the traffic accident that It cost the life of Ángel Nieto on July 26, 2017 on a road in Ibiza. The 12 + 1 times champion was run over by a German woman who collided with her Fiat 500 against the rear of the driver’s quad, which was thrown off hitting a wall. The blow caused a head injury that led to the worst news and although the case was subsequently filed, according to reports Open case, last Tuesday the trial court 2 of Ibiza decided to reopen it after taking statements from three witnesses who witnessed the moment of the accident and treated Nieto at the scene.

Among all the testimonies there is unanimity in what was estimated during the first investigation. Grandson “carried the helmet unbuttoned” at the moment of the collision, and from that base, the witnesses contributed how they lived the moment. The first to do so was a 59-year-old woman, who was the only eyewitness to the accident when she was going to her job: “A quad and a Fiat were circulating in the opposite direction to me, they were very close together. At one point, the Fiat hit the quad from behind and the driver was ejected.” On impact, he had “the feeling that the Fiat (that the investigated German citizen was driving) I was very close to the quad”, which contradicts the statement of the driver who claimed to maintain a distance of “approximately three meters” with the pilot’s vehicle.

“He dragged it and the blow was very strong. Then, the quad collided with the corner wall, the driver’s helmet jumped to one side and the body of the deceased to the other. The helmet flew out”, the woman finished adding, in a relevant testimony to clarify the causes of the accident and if the driver of the Fiat should be tried for reckless homicide. However, the second witness, a 67-year-old man who was about 20 meters from the event, had a different perception of speed: “The quad was coming out of a roundabout, the cars behind they weren’t driving very fast”. Among other things, because “the roundabout where the accident occurred is a fairly tight curve.”

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“I didn’t see anyone take his helmet off”

Less precise in terms of speed was the testimony of the third witness, the clerk of a store near the place where the accident took place. The 34-year-old man simply assessed the possibility that Nieto was wearing his helmet unbuttoned: “When I arrived, the driver of the quad was on the road and he was not wearing his helmet. I did not see anyone remove the helmet from the deceased and I was one of the first to arrive, so I don’t think there was time for anyone to take it off.” In this way he settled a statement, which together with the rest It will be decisive to know if it is filed again the case or, conversely, there is sufficient evidence to sit the woman on the bench as responsible for the death of the 12+1 times champion.

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