Justice compensates FIFA with 171 million euros

The United States Department of Justice has awarded 171 million euros ($ 201 million) compensation to the FIFA Foundation “for the losses suffered by Concacaf, CONMEBOL and FIFA itself as a result of several decades of corruption schemes in football”, and ” in compensation for criminal activities of several former officials “, reported this Tuesday the highest body of world football.

“The sum was taken from the bank accounts of former officials involved for years in football corruption plots for which they were prosecuted “, FIFA explained in a statement in which it announced that said compensation will go to the newly created World Soccer Forgiveness Fund, “Established under the auspices of the FIFA Foundation to fund projects that positively influence communities around the world.”

This Fund will focus on youth and community programs and will allocate specific amounts to projects of Concacaf and CONMEBOL, to alleviate the “tremendous damage” suffered as a result of corruption schemes. “In addition, all projects will be supervised rigorously with audits and compliance controls to ensure full transparency and accountability, “added FIFA.

“I am delighted that the Illegitimately stolen money return now to football to fulfill its true purpose, its due purpose from the beginning “, declared FIFA President Gianni Infantino after hearing the decision of the United States judicial authorities, to which he expressed his” more Honest thanks” for the “speed and efficiency” demonstrated in this case.

“Thanks to your intervention in 2015, we have radically changed FIFA since the toxic organization of those days until transforming it into a world governing body highly appreciated and worthy of all trust, “said Infantino, for whom the body that presides already it has “far exceeded” a period in its history that it defined as “deplorable”.

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In his opinion, the 171 million euros made available to the FIFA Foundation “will benefit many, many people throughout the world of football, especially through youth programs and to the communities. “

The FIFA president stressed that since 2016 they have maintained a close cooperation with the United States Department of Justice, whose judgment recognizes “the important progress” that in his opinion it has made from the point of view of good governance and transparency.

“Today we know that this money is in good hands at the FIFA Foundation and that it will be used for purposes for which it is intended. On behalf of future beneficiaries around the world, I want to thank the American authorities for the trust they have placed in FIFA. We will make sure that these funds are used as they should be, and that provide tangible benefits to the people who really need them, “concluded Infantino.


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