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Just you and Alexa. New Amazon Privacy Features

Privacy is a concern for all users and therefore Amazon is integrating more dedicated features into the Alexa assistant.

At its annual hardware event, the retail giant announced new user-configurable privacy features.

Alexa voice commands processed directly on the Amazon device

Amazon Echo Show 10
Photo from Amazon Echo Show 10 credits @ Amazon

Until now it was possible to check the voice history saved in the Alexa assistant, but Amazon now goes further and has just announced more features in the privacy settings.

The great news is that users will be able to configure Alexa’s privacy features to process all voice commands on the device itself. In other words, from now on all voice requests are processed locally on the device and not sent to the Amazon server.

The privacy feature is only available on the Amazon AZ1 Neural Edge processor

However, Alexa will only process voice requests locally if the device in question integrates Amazon’s AZ1 Neural Edge processor. For now, only the fourth generation Echo and Echo Show 10 models are equipped with this processor. It should also be added that initially this privacy feature will only be available in the US.

However, Amazon is expected to integrate the AZ1 Neural Edge processor into more computers, in addition to the privacy functionality being available for more countries.

Voice recording automatically deleted

This is another step that Amazon takes to reassure its users regarding the issue of privacy.

With the new functionality, voice recording is limited to the device and will not be uploaded to Amazon’s cloud services. The company adds that the voice recording is automatically deleted as soon as the user requests it from Alexa.

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