Just like Aamir Khan, Fawad Khan’s condition is so bad because of the physical transformation…

Pakistani actor Fawad Khan is busy these days promoting his upcoming movie ‘The Legend of Maula Jatt’. He has worked a lot on his physique for this film, but because of this he had to be admitted to the hospital. Actually, he tried to copy Mr. Bollywood Perfectionist Aamir Khan and Hollywood actor Christian Bale for physical transformation, but it had the opposite effect on his health.

In a conversation with Something Haute YouTube, Fawad opened up about his physical transformation. According to Fawad, he wanted to experiment with body transformation like Aamir and Christian do in his movies.

Fawad’s health deteriorated due to the matter of copying Aamir and Christian. Even his kidneys stopped working properly. He then had to be admitted to the hospital.

Speaking of this, Fawad said that now he will not do this again. He said: “What I did to myself was not a good thing. I will never do that again. I made some questionable decisions, which had a negative impact on me.

Fawad further said, “Behind all those physical transformations there is a dark darkness. People should be aware that when you make this kind of transformation decision, it affects your body badly and it happened. Because of this I was hospitalized for 10 days. My Kidneys had stopped working.

Fawad’s condition got so bad because he is diabetic. Although he was discharged from the hospital after 10 days, it took him three months to recover. During this, he was advised to walk slowly and not stress at all.

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Before working on the film, Fawad Khan’s weight was about 75 kg, which he had to increase to 100 kg. For this he used to work for hours. Now, according to Fawad, he shouldn’t have done this. He didn’t have much time. Due to this also problems arose. At the same time, Fawad also admitted that he is neither Aamir Khan nor Christian, so he couldn’t do it. His film ‘The Legend of Maula Jatt’ opens on October 13.

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