Juni Calafat’s latest discovery for Real Madrid: He is the fashionable Brazilian

One of the great managers of the current Real Madrid is Juni Calafat, responsible for great signings such as Vinicius Jr or Rodrygo, current references for the white team

After finishing the stage of Cristiano Ronaldo, the white team was looking for new references. They tried it with Bale and Hazard, but none of them took the step forward that was expected. The solution for the real Madrid Juni Calafat brought itwho imposed a new transfer policy on the white team that has ended up giving very good results, such as winning the Champions League in 2022.

Some of his great successes have been Fede Valverde, Vinicius Jr and Rodrygo, as South American football is his specialty. But he has also had weight in the signings of players like Camavinga or Bellingham, who also have a bright future ahead of them. That is why it has earned the absolute trust of the board and Juni Calafat wants to take advantage of it to add a new Brazilian talent to Real Madrid.

Juni Calafat is already planning a new signing for Real Madrid
Juni Calafat closely follows a young Brazilian soccer player

The Brazilian who has captivated Juni Calafat for Real Madrid

The next young Brazilian forward to arrive at Real Madrid will be Endrick, who will arrive once he reaches the age of majority. But it could not come alone, because in recent months we have learned that the white team’s talent scout is also closely following two Brazilian jewels who have a bright future ahead of them.

The first of these is a footballer who gets along perfectly with Endrick, since both have grown up together at Palmeiras. We are talking about Luis Guilherme, 17-year-old Brazilian soccer player who works as a midfielder. Also, thanks to his indisputable quality, he is also capable of playing on both flanks.

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Luis Guilherme is not the only Brazilian that Juni likes

The market value of Luis Guilherme has not stopped growing in recent months, currently set at 3 million euros. At the moment it does not seem that he is going to make the move to Europe, but we know that Juni Calafat is following him closely, as he understands that he is a playmaker with unusual talent.

Likewise, we also know that he closely follows Matheus Nascimento, a 19-year-old striker who is on the radar of the big European clubs. Be that as it may, we will have to keep waiting to find out what it is the next signing of Juni Calafat for Real Madrid. A signing that, taking into account the good performance that the previous ones have given, will give a lot to talk about.

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