June was the warmest month in 174 years

Global warming is increasing due to climate change and various reasons. Different parts of the world are burning with intense fire. Meanwhile, last June was the hottest month in 174 years. The global average temperature in this month was 16.55 degrees Celsius. Which is 0.13 degrees Celsius higher than the previous maximum temperature of the month. This information was reported by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) on Thursday.

June’s global average temperature was 1.05 degrees Celsius higher than the 20th century average, according to the institute. For the first time ever, the summer months were one degree Celsius warmer than normal. NOAA has been keeping global temperature records since 1850. News tie

On the other hand, other weather monitoring organizations such as NASA, US surface temperature research institute Berkeley Earth and Europe’s Copernicus have already termed last January as the warmest June on record.

NOAA climate scientist Ahira Sanchez-Lugo said the increase was a “pretty big jump” over the previous June record. That’s because global monthly records are usually so broad that they often jump by hundredths rather than quarters of a degree.

Natalie Mahwald, a climatologist at Cornell University in the United States, said, “In addition to the record temperatures this year, we believe that the extreme fires, pollution and floods that we are seeing are due to the warm climate.” Some of the negative effects we fear from climate change are beginning to emerge.

June was the warmest on both land and sea. Scientists say the world’s oceans, which make up 70 percent of the Earth’s surface, set record monthly high temperatures in April, May and June.

January to June 2023 was the third warmest after 2016 and 2020.

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