Jumanji 4: Brendan Fraser would have been cast in an important role!

This is the comeback of the moment. Nearly a decade away from Hollywood after having the leading role of Rick O’Connel in the franchise ” The Mummy“, Brendan Fraser reappeared at the cinema in front of the camera of Darren Aronofsky For The Whale. He embodies charlie, a morbidly obese English teacher who lives in seclusion at home. He will try to reconnect with his daughter, played by the actress Sadie Sinkwho was able to break into the series Stranger Things. A role that allowed Brendan Fraser to regain total consecration by pocketing the Golden Globe Then the Oscar for best actor. Some time after his choice to withdraw from the light (motivated in part by the sexual assault he suffered)the 54-year-old actor seems ready to make his comeback.

A return he could make through the front door, with the long-awaited Jumanji 4. Kevin Hart announced a few days ago that the film was “ on the right track » always motivated by the desire to Dwayne Johnson and the filmmaker Jake Kasdan to deliver the best film possible. In Jumanji 4, the world of video games will shake up that of reality. Also, we should see more often the character of Spencer GilfinAlex Wolffhis friends and his family.

According to the magazine of Giant Freakin’ Robot, Brendan Fraser would have been cast in the role of Mr Gilpinthe father of spencer. An arrival in a field that the actor knows well since he has already played in the first Journey to the Center of the Earth (2008).

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