July 14: the challenges of the Indian Prime Minister’s visit to France

France is not the only country to court the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. The latter was also the special guest of the G7 in Japan, and present at a State dinner at the White House. Actually, Narendra Modi ticks almost all the boxes. The demographic box first. India is 1.4 billion people, quite simply the most populous country in the world, and it’s a young country“, reports the journalist Étienne Leenhardtpresent on the board of 20 Hours, Thursday, July 13.

Important shadows on the board

The strategic box, then. In the vast region indopacificIndia is a valuable ally for Americans and Westerners in their rivalry with China”adds the journalist. Economically, the country is the fifth world power, with 7% growth expected in 2023. It is a power that is armed at high speed: Mr. Modi has just given its agreement in principle to France for the purchase of 26 additional Rafales, plus the 36 already existing, and three submarines“, adds Etienne Leenhardt.

Regarding the less, Mr. Modirefuses to sanction Russia, from which it always buys cheap oil. The country’s regime is also often referred to as “populist” And “nationalist“. Moreover, he “discriminates without qualms against communities that are not Hindu” And “muzzle any form of opposition”recalls the journalist.

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