Multi-awarded at international festivals, this is the third time that Joachim Trier was in Cannes last July. He presented in competition Julie (in 12 chapters), for which Renate Reinsve won the Best Actress Award. The director ofOslo, August 31 portrays a daring contemporary and independent woman, in a film where drama competes with comedy. On screens Wednesday, October 13.

In her thirties, Julie has never found her vocation, if not all those that come to mind: surgeon, then psychologist, and finally photographer. She stabilizes when she meets Axel, 45, a famous comic book author, with whom she moves in. However, she leaves him after 10 years, when she crosses paths with Evind who is her age. But is this the right number …?

According to the psychoanalyst Carl Jung, the man is inhabited by the Anima, his feminine part, and the woman by the Animus, his masculine part. The first would correspond to the quest for a unique being, while the second would tend to multiply experiences in order to find him. In Joachim Trier’s film, Julie tends towards this model, going from one man to another, while her lovers are in search of a soul mate.

If Julie may seem inconstant, both in her professional vocation and in her quest for a loved one, she is more of a seeking woman than an indecisive woman. In this she is independent, inhabited by doubt, with the will to reach an intimate truth, her own.

Renate Reinsve and Anders Danielsen Lie in "Julie (in 12 chapters) by Joachim Trier (2021).  (OSLO PICTURES)

There is nothing elitist about this finely written portrait, because Joachim Trier adheres to the art of dramatic and romantic comedy with a humor that skilfully mixes situational comedy and chiseled dialogues. If he aims right, it is because everyone recognizes himself in the characters and their actions. The director knows the ingredients of a successful comedy: rhythm, revivals and changing roles. This is the case of Julie (in 12 chapters) who charms as much by its staging as by the interpretation of its actors: Renate Reinsve, Anders Danielsen Lie, and Herbert Nordrum. Cheerful.

The poster of & nbsp;"Julie (in 12 chapters)" by Joachim Trier (2021).  (OSLO PICTURES)

Kind : Drama
Director : Joachim Trier
Actors : Renate Reinsve, Anders Danielsen Lie, Herbert Nordrum
Country : Norway / France / Denmark / Sweden / United States
Duration : 2h01
Exit : October 13, 2021
Distributer : Memento Distribution

Synopsis : Julie, almost 30 years old, cannot settle down in life. While she thinks she has found some stability with Aksel, 45, a successful author, she meets the young and attractive Eivind.


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