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Julian Nagelsmann’s two conditions to sign for Tottenham

Julian Nagelsmann's two conditions to sign for Tottenham

The Spurs are determined to continue with their reconstruction process, and for this they have set their sights on the young and promising German coach. Julian Nagelsman. Despite the fact that there were other options such as Mauricio Pochettino (close to signing as the new Chelsea manager) or Luis Enrique, Levy has finally decided on the former Bayern Munich manager.

The dialogue between the tottenham hotspur and Nagelsmann has made progress in recent days, and according to Sky Sports Germany, the coach considers Tottenham a “great option” for his career and a club with “a long run.” However, Nagelsmann has some conditions that he wants met before giving his final go-ahead.

Julian Nagelsmann’s two conditions to sign for Tottenham

-Know the budget for transfers: In the first place, the German wants to know exactly what the budget for transfers will be. It is logical that the coach wants to know what resources he will have at his disposal in order to assemble the team he wants for next season.

-Meet the next sports director of the club: Besides, Nagelsmann also wants to know who will be the sports director of the club. With the suspension of Fabio Paratici, Tottenham are looking for a new sporting director and Johannes Spors, global sporting director for several clubs, is the preferred choice.

Nagelsmann is a young coach with a career on the rise. He has shown his ability in teams like Hoffenheim and RB Leipzig, and his arrival at Tottenham would be a bet on youth and talent. Furthermore, the German has a great ability to work with young players and get the most out of him. Tottenham wants to be a candidate to win all the important titles again, so they want to trust one of the most promising and interesting coaches today. It is a matter of time to know the future of both parties.

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