Julián Calero: “This result is a dream”

Julian Calero he was happy after his team’s third win this season and highlighted the success of his team in both areas to remain undefeated and score three goals against Deportivo Alavés

Was it the dream night?

This victory tastes like glory to me. I am a person who loves to see my close people happy, more than my own happiness, and to see my players, my fans, my city, the environment happy… That makes me very happy. I feel tremendous satisfaction from the work the boys have done. We knew that sooner or later the goal and the prize for the things we were doing had to come to us, and we have had that prize against a great rival, who I think will be very close to direct promotion or in it. For us it was a fantastic game and we are very happy. It has been very close to what we could imagine in terms of the game itself, but the result is a dream.

They have practically touched perfection in the areas.

The percentage of success has been high, although it is true that we have also been dangerous on the counterattack. This has been the case, above all, due to the context in which the match has been handled. They have had one from Rioja, in a foul, that has won us back, but I think they have not overwhelmed us with occasions. They are a team with a significant flow, with dangerous bands, with Alkain on the inside, Rioja on the outside, De la Fuente, Taichi… but we are very confident in the team in the defensive phase and we are handling the help well, where to press , the distances in the block… Also, one day we had to score, one day we had been deserving and I am very happy that this situation of uncorking the bottle has come about. Now what we have to give is continuity to things and normality. I leave the records for the journalists and for the people, who are those who like it. We already think about Wednesday and Andorra.

Was he looking for precisely what he saw by bringing the little ones together?

Yes. We tried to be a little invisible, to have no reference to their centrals, which are powerful. We wanted to get between the lines and look for their back as soon as they took a small step forward, and the first goal worked out well for us. Then we ran well, better than other days, and in the end we had the peace of mind to have the ball and make sure they didn’t squeeze us too hard. We handled the game very well. I am very happy for them and I congratulate them. The atmosphere has been spectacular. I also congratulate the Alavés fans; It has been a nice duel of fans and until 3-0 they have been cheering. It remains in that, in a duel of hobbies, and then we all shake hands and have a beer. Sometimes you have to win and sometimes lose.

Was the change of Fran García due to an injury?

He had a problem, we don’t know what it is. We had to change him because of that situation. They are things of the games, just like Álex Bermejo has had to leave later or Raúl Navarro came from a domestic problem, he sprained an ankle and has not been able to play. That’s what the template is for. We were very clear about the substitute; Zabaco has played a very good game, lately he was ‘mistreating’ him with the minutes he was giving him, but he is a reliable player, who gives everything and I am very happy with him. The day to day that he gives us in work, effort and behavior, despite not playing, is fantastic.

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He doesn’t really like to talk about records, but it’s time to talk about him.

We have to congratulate Caro, because I think that record is fantastic, but there are colleagues like Dani Barrio working hard and working with him. That part, that people don’t see, is also very important, like Martín Ragg, the goalkeeping coach, the whole group defending from the high block and making the opponent reach the finishing zone with little energy… We focused on Expensive, but teamwork is essential. They all form a group of people who deserve that recognition. We are all very happy for him, but what would the record be worth if we keep 18 points and go down to the First RFEF? What counts here is doing a lot of things, meeting the goals set by the club and being happy on a day-to-day basis. Now it’s time to stay united, together and that no one leaves the herd.

Does the current moment of unbeaten serve you to have more respect?

Obviously, Burgos is more respected in the category than last season, when we were newly promoted and had the lowest budget. This year everyone is more aware of the strength that exists in El Plantío and that has been earned by the boys in the field, the fans with their songs and the city in general. The whole city is very close to the team, I notice it on a day-to-day basis. I don’t know how far it will take us, but I know what we are, and that is the most important thing: to identify yourself in life with what you are and with what you want. How far is that going to take us? I don’t know, but we carry the saddlebags to the top of illusion. We hope it will take us as far as we can.

They already have 15 points of the hypothetical 50 for salvation.

They are surely fair points for the merits we have made. They are a very good amount for the days we have been and in relation to the points we made last season. That has to give us security, but if it is going to make us trust ourselves… 15 points are useless, they are not even a third yet to achieve the goal of staying. We have to continue feeling strong and happy and transmitting work, happiness and humility to the stands, who work hard with us. We haven’t done anything special yet, we have to be very, very humble. We have two very important games against Andorra and Mirandés, which is a beautiful derby, and we have to continue along these lines.

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