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Julian Assange is asking for permission to appeal again in the final stage of the extradition process to the US

Julian Assange is asking for permission to appeal again in the final stage of the extradition process to the US

The two hearings will decide whether Julian Assange The question of whether he can appeal his case again in the United Kingdom or whether he should instead be extradited to the United States began this Tuesday in the High Court in London.

In the midst of great audience and press expectations, the jury Victoria Sharp and Adam Johnson They began the session, which ends on Wednesday, listening to arguments from the 52-year-old Australian’s defense.

Assange was unable to attend the hearing in personalthough the court approved this because he was not feeling well, said his lawyer Ed Fitzgerald.

The British prosecutor’s office will represent the American judiciary The founder of WikiLeaks is accused of 18 crimes of espionage and computer interference for the revelations on his portalwhich exposed US human rights violations in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2010 and 2011.

The meeting was adjourned shortly after it began Technical problems which prevented journalists from hearing what was happening in the room and could be partially solved.

Assange’s defense’s argument to appeal again

Fitzgerald began his argument State the reasons why your client may appeal againconsidering that his extradition to the United States would, among other things, violate his rights to a fair trial and freedom of expression.

“The accusation is politically motivated. Assange has uncovered a serious crime. He is charged with engaging in an ordinary journalistic practice of obtaining and publishing classified information. Information that is both true and of obvious and important public interest” he argued.

At the request of the computer programmer’s defense, the two judges on Tuesday and Wednesday will review the June 6, 2023 decision of a single judge, Jonathan Swift, which denied him permission to continue to appeal in this country and approved the extradition order to the United States is good

After hearing the parties, the judges could do so Issue your decision immediately or postpone it. Should he ultimately be allowed to appeal the aspects of his case that the defense had not raised in previous proceedings, a trial would begin. New trial before the Court of Appeal London. However, if they agree with Swift to ban it, the Delivery mechanism to the USAmonitored by the British Home Office.

In the second case, his lawyers have already stated that they will immediately demand urgent precautionary measures European Court of Human Resources (ECtHR)in accordance with Article 39 of its regulation, to stop the extradition and at the same time to appeal to the European Court of Justice.

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