Julián Álvarez, the “spoilt” of the city

On the sky side of Manchester everyone loves Julian. The “Spider” approaches his second season as a Manchester City footballer with the same confidence as he did on day one. Or even more so, because the Argentine has established himself as a regular in Guardiola’s eleven and one of the team’s best arguments in attack.

Without going into detail, he played the 90 minutes of the first two days of the Premier, with an assist and a goal that earned him three points. As always, Julián keeps “picking” and is a stunning footballer on the pitch, not leaving a drop in the gas tank.

More than ever, River’s ex has become a key part of the Santpedor coach who aspires to be the march of Mahrez and Gundogan and Kevin de Bruynes serious injury needs the profile of a footballer capable of occupying interior zones and penetrating the spaces of opposing defenses. And then Julián feels like a fish in water.

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The “spider” bites where it wants

He is determined to etch his name into Manchester City history. Although there are some who would like to see him outside the Etihad, the Argentine has everything to settle into his position and be the partner of an Erling Haaland who is the other side of the coin at the start of the season. Despite coming on as a substitute in the European Super Cup final, Julián was crucial in the two games in which he played 90 minutes (Burnley and Newcastle) with an assist and a goal. And what a goal…

Here’s how Pep Guardiola reacted after watching from the band as the Argentinian’s whiplash ripped through the entire squad. It was a devilish shot that managed to open a game that was stuck for City and could have ended in tragedy if the Argentine hadn’t made the magic start.

Having made just 26 appearances as a starter since arriving at Manchester City, he amasses scandalous records of 23 goals, 18 goals and 5 assists. Not bad for a footballer, a priori He became Haaland’s replacement and showed today that he is in better shape than the Norwegian.

Julián is also a footballer who has proven to be a magnet for winning titles. With him, Manchester City know they will continue to add trophies to the Etihad museum. And this is the 23-year-old Argentine He already has 14 trophies, the same ones Leo Messi won when he was his age.

These are all tracks in his album:

Copa Libertadores 2018 and Recopa Sudamericana

Argentina Cup 2019 and Argentina Super Cup

South American Pre-Olympics 2020

Professional League 2021, Champions Trophy 2021, Copa America 2021 and Finalissima

World Cup 2022, Premier League 2022/23, FA Cup 2022/23, UEFA Champions League 2022/23

European Super Cup 2023

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