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Juli Giner, solidarity in boxing

Juli Giner, solidarity in boxing

Juli Giner, former European champion, has donated the profits from the Juli Giner Trophy, 4,250 euros, to be invested in sports scholarships for young people without resources from Premià de Dalt. Retired from boxing rock he trains and takes out amateur boxers to compete in his Xperience Juli Giner gym, in addition to being a sports councilor in his town.

rock held the first edition of the Juli Giner Trophy on July 3 at the Premià de Dalt Sports Center Annex. The evening featured two exhibition bouts and twelve amateurs, in which boxers from different gyms in the area participated. “I decided to do it for charity because there are many guys who come to train at my gym and I don’t charge them, but there are also those who don’t like boxing, who like football, and they don’t have the chance to practice it,” explains Juli. The money raised, 4,250 euros, has been donated for the creation of scholarships so that these boys can play sports. “I did it because sport, in this case boxing, was what introduced me to the social world, to the right life,” he says. rock“that basically is the purpose of this tournament, to help the kids in the neighborhood who can’t pay the month’s or season’s fee for any sports entity in town”.

Juli Giner has been champion of Olympic Spain in 2010 and was proclaimed champion of Spain as a professional boxer twice in 2013. He also won the title of the European Union and the European champion in 2015. This last title was achieved after defeating Romain Jacob, three-time European champion at that time. He retired with a record of 23 wins, 8 of them by KO, 4 losses and one null. “I had a very messy life,” explains the former European champion, “I had no aspirations for the future, I smoked, drank and drank things I didn’t have to.” Boxing helped him out of a bad life and he managed to become one of the greatest boxers in our country. “I became everything that I am today, all the values ​​that I have and, basically, it made me grow and get on the right track,” he says. In addition, he has been a councilor for sports in Premià de Dalt for three years. Juli Giner is not only a great boxer, but also a great example for many, especially for young people who find themselves in difficult situations.

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