Julen Jon Guerrero by Nico Williams

The signing of the talent of Real Madrid would arrive before the pessimism with the renewal of the little one of the Williams

The signing of Julen Jon Guerrero by Athletic may be closer than ever. For two fundamental reasons. On the one hand, Real Madrid has made a decision with the young Basque talent: look for a transfer. On the other hand, the pessimism that exists in Ibaigane with the Nico Williams renewal.

Athletic’s season may end better than the latest results predicted. After losing to direct rivals like Sevilla, Betis and Villarreal, everything seemed lost. But the victory against Celta together with the latest setbacks in Girona and Sevilla mean that a victory against Osasuna this Thursday could almost certify the Conference League.

Athletic renewal
Nico Williams still hasn’t renewed

Julen Jon Guerrero to forget Nico

In case of closing the pass to Europe, the planning of the next year could undergo changes. Jon Uriarte has already said that making a squad to play two competitions is not the same as three. In this sense, The arrival of Julen Jon Guerrero will surely generate that necessary point of illusion to face a new season with guarantees.

However, not everything will be joyful. Because in Ibaigane’s offices there is less and less hope of successfully completing some of the most necessary renovations. We talk about a Nico Williams who still does not unlock the negotiations. With the season almost over it can be a major problem.

The renewal of Nico Williams is still stuck

Because Nico ends his contract on June 30, 2024. This means that if he does not sign the renewal this summer, he should be transferred. Jon Uriarte already said when he arrived at Athletic that cases like that of Iñigo Martínez would not be repeated. If a player does not want to renew, it is his right, but a beneficial transfer for the club will be sought.

The arrival of Julen Jon Guerrero actually has nothing to do with Nico Williams. In the sense that he is a player who has always interested and that if he gets within range he will come regardless of what happens with the renewal of the youngest of the Williams. It is simply a feeling that begins to be had in Ibaigane.

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