Jubenial is developing the first marketplace specializing in real estate solutions for seniors

Jubenial is bornthe groundbreaking startup in the real estate sector, the has developed the industry’s first marketplace specializing in real estate solutions for older people. At the moment, almost 6.4 million of the more than 10 million pensioners those in Spain have old age pensions. This represents a huge market. Jubenial is created with the mission of providing a modern and efficient solution for homeowners over 65 who want to live better and with fewer worries. In addition, we want to become the reference partner for real estate agents and investors who are now able to find a new business opportunity on the market.

With a comprehensive and avant-garde approach In Jubenial, a wide range of real estate transactions are carried out by people over 65 years of age who own their own homes., which is more than 80% of pensioners in Spain. This makes it a sufficiently large and diversified channel to attract investors, which general and specialized real estate agencies rely on.

Jubenial’s activity is focused not only on providing solutions for owners and real estate agencies of senior housing, but also on providing opportunities for investors who have the opportunity to participate in a growing market while having the security of entering a sector invest, which is constantly in demand.

Real estate solutions that create opportunities

Operations are carried out via the Anniversary marketplacewhich has been developed as a simple and intuitive space where individual clients can share their own properties as well as real estate agencies, while investors have access to the largest collection of residential properties for the elderly, with a wide range of investment alternatives:

The Sale of bare property It is a perfect solution for monetizing housing from the age of 65 for people who do not want to leave their home. Through this process, the homeowner sells the bare property to a buyer, but retains the usufruct rights for himself. This allows you to continue living in or using the same apartment.

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Another option is this Sale with lifetime rental, with which building savings are monetized and you can still live in them. A financial instrument that consists of selling the property in which one lives, remaining in the apartment itself as a lifelong tenant and paying a rent that is usually below the market average.

With the firm aim of connecting dreams and making them come true, connecting investors, real estate agencies and managers with sellers who want to improve their lives, Jubenial is also committed to this Real estate exchange. A solution in which the usual home is exchanged for a smaller one, thus creating additional liquidity.

Without forgetting that Life and transitional pensionsan instrument to supplement old-age pensions, an ideal way to increase income for life or, if agreed, temporarily.

Rodolfo Nevado, co-founder of Jubenial, emphasizes that “Jubenial aims to be the benchmark for the elderly real estate sector in the present and future, an area with great potential and opportunities for exponential growth. All this is based on such important values ​​as innovation, experience and trust, which lead us to offer the latest solutions in a market ready to change the way we respond to the housing needs of the over 65s and donate, to positively change “response to investor needs”.

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