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what about Juanmi? That question fly over Heliopolis as the League comes to a close and the Betis he clings to his options repeat ticket to Europe. The striker from Malaga barely counts with game time since several weeks. Add fifteen minutes in the last five games and your paper in the scheme of Manuel Pellegrini it remained minimized. Its about top scorer of the verdiblanco team in the last campaign, but that does not open the doors of eleven. The arrival of Ayoze in the winter market was also a Brake when it comes to finding a place on the lawn. But player wants more: dreams of lost leadership and has five games ahead to close the season with renewed enthusiasm.

pellegrini He was always open to all he campus he will earn his chance. The merits HE adjusted to the minutes in these campaigns, although Juanmi feels that he lost a privileged place despite the fact that his performance continued to be regular. He lacks the goals. Those who perhaps escaped under the conditioning of one injury that set him apart for the first half of the season. In its returnlived ups and downs and now it disappears from an eleven that tries to adjust its sights to the continental objective. Will he recover his place in the last days of the championship? With willian joseph also back In this competition scenario, Pellegrini has more weapons than ever to recover the lost punch.

This new context at the time of Juanmi open the questions about his future. The intention of the club is to tie up Ayoze and, at the moment, there is no clear picture of how the team’s attack will be shaped for next year. Juanmi knows that pellegrini always he brought out his best version game and is confident that this situation will be repeated in Heliopolis. There’s time ahead so that his role does not become secondary and his goals return to the scene. And the Chilean coach has the keys for it.

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