Juanito ‘turns’ 67 years old today

Today is not just any day for Madridistas. On November 10 they have it marked in white in honor of one of the great historical legends of the club: Juan Gómez ‘Juanito’. The genius of Fuengirola turns 67 today. I have said ‘complies’ and not ‘would have fulfilled’. I say it with all the intention and I explain myself. For Juanitistas like this humble servant, the genius who was born on November 10, 1954 never left. His body left us that damned April 2, 1992 on the Extremadura highway, but his irreducible Madridista soul continues to accompany us every hour, every minute, every second. I feel him close, with that support in bad times, which is when he is most appreciated. I have seen Juanito hug Sergio Ramos in Lisbon when the camero scored the goal that took us to La Décima, or Cristiano in Turin with that Chilean against Juve who stopped the world for her plasticity, or Zidane when he scored the goal of La Décima. Ninth in Glasgow and Mijatovic for breaking in Amsterdam, 32 years later, with that black streak in Europe that good old Juanito suffered in his own flesh.

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* Data updated as of November 10, 2021

He is still around, as always, with his Madrid cap covering that head that gave him so much war for being so temperamental, but which in turn was his main endorsement in his 38 years of exciting existence. Juan made some mistakes, as we all do, but they were all generated by his indomitable heart, which anticipated his brain with the consequences that we already know. He was a vitalist, an uncle ‘come on ahead’, a fanatic of generosity, a man from Malaga proud of his native Fuengirola but in love with Madrid and his Madrid. And of his Burgos, which made him grow so much as a footballer, and of his Mérida, in which he began to carve out a career on the bench that would surely have led him to the Bernabéu himself.. Misfortune took us from being flesh and blood, but his overwhelming personality makes us Madrid fans continue to see him everywhere when we talk about our Real Madrid. Without a doubt, Juanito has been the Madrid player who has moved me the most. Not even during the solitude of the empty stands due to the pandemic did we stop humming in privacy that of “Illa, illa, illa, Juanito Maravilla!” in every 7 minute of the matches. Ten days ago I was with him in the bust that he has dedicated in his Fuengirola del alma and we reviewed how well Ancelotti’s Madrid is. Today you are 67 years old. Congratulations, Legend!

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