Juanfran: "Atlético’s best squad was ours in 2014"

Juanfran Torres did not want to miss the premiere of ‘Another way of understanding life’, Atlético’s documentary with Amazon, where the 2020-21 season is narrated in which the roijiblanco team was proclaimed League champion. The Alicante was one of the ex-footballers represented in the Wanda Metropolitano, along with Luiz Pereira, Adelardo, Manolo, Roberto Fresnedoso or Solozabal.

Now, Atlético starts a new league with high expectations. Juanfran has no doubts about the mattress template. On whether she is the best in LaLiga, the ex-lateral indicated that “As a fan I tell you yes. If I was in the team, I wouldn’t say the same to you out of a precaution, but as a fan that I am now, for me it is the best. We have strengthened ourselves very well, we have a great squad, with the strengths of last year and I am convinced that we will fight for everything “.

Juanfran also spoke about the infinity of possibilities that open to Simeone above with the arrival of Griezmann and Cunha. “Blessed problem has the coach. I am very happy for Antoine’s return, we were waiting for him with open arms. He is one of us, he gave his life every year he was here with us, now he is going to leave it again for Atlético de Madrid and I can only say about Griezmann that when I was with him he was one of mine and now as a fan I think the same“.

Of course, for Juanfran this is not the best squad in the club’s history, since his that won the title in 2014 was above it. “During my nine years we have had very good squads, for me the best was that of our League.It is clear that today’s squad is very good and spectacular, but for me the best is ours, which won LaLiga. “Finally, he hoped that the successes will be repeated this year.” We are the champions and you already know me that sometimes I sin of optimism, but I think we can be champions again. Real Madrid and Barcelona are not going to give anything away, they have great squads, great players and It is very difficult to win twice in a row, but we are going to try and I am sure that, with the squad and the fans behind us, we can try again. “

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