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Juanes sings about love and pain in

Juanes sings about love and pain in

For Juanes, the day to day is not only calm and routine, it also has moments of pain, sensuality and reconciliation, as he expressed in his most recent album “Daily Life”.

“I like having different colors on the album, the album can’t be categorized as one place,” Juanes said in a recent interview with The Associated Press from Miami. “That’s how I like it because everyday life is really that.”

One of the songs with which Juanes launched his new production is “Amores prohibidos”, whose lyrics talk about clandestine relationships. In the video a very sensual girl appears who has several loving partners while he plays the guitar on a giant bed. Juanes has been married to the model and presenter Karen Martínez since 2004 with whom he has his children Luna, Paloma and Dante, so it is curious to know what he imagined or how he was inspired to approach the subject.

This cover image provided by Universal Music Latin shows “Vida Cotidiana” by Juanes.PA

“During the pandemic, I woke up any day to read the news and found an article by a lady who wrote about forbidden love,” he said. “She said ‘now that everyone is locked in the house, how are those who are seen hiding going to see?’ And the truth made me laugh a lot and that was the first thing that motivated me to make this song, ”she said.

In “Más” Juanes throws a real party with the music in another of the sensual songs of his new production.

“Maybe it could be one of the light songs on the album in the sense that the lyrics aren’t so dramatic, it’s sexier, it’s more about the attraction you can feel for another person and that need to constantly want more and more,” he said. “But it’s more for dancing because it’s like funk, disco and it has a very, very cool vibe.”

“Ojalá”, on the other hand, is a song about meeting an apparently ideal person, but at the wrong time to start a relationship.

In the spectrum of Juanes there is also space for social causes. In “Canción desaparecidad” he sings about the disappeared in Colombia, which, like other Latin American countries such as Mexico, Argentina and Chile, has suffered this crime for decades.

The issue arose when Juanes found testimonies on YouTube from paramilitaries, guerrillas, police and military speaking “about the atrocities of the war and what they did to make many people disappear, to murder many people,” he said.

“There were the mothers and fathers of these people who still have not found their children. That broke my soul and it is a very sad story of a very long Colombian conflict, that was really what inspired me to want to talk about this topic, ”she added.

The song was made as a duet with the urban artist Mabiland, originally from the city of Quibdó, in the Chocó area. Despite being a painful song, it has a psychedelic rock rumba style.

“There has been indifference and even fear of this situation, of talking about it,” Juanes said. “Through art and music for me it is a filter through which all these feelings pass and become songs and in the end it can be a form of expression and art where memory is important, that is not repeated for new people. generations”.

The “Disappeared Song” already has a video, it was filmed in Medellín and directed by the Puerto Rican filmmaker Kacho López. It will be released soon.

In “Mayo” Juanes sings to Colombia, for which he asks for peace.

“The month of May is the month of the worker in Colombia, but the month of May has also coincided in the last three years in Colombia with marches,” he said. “This song from ‘Mayo’ talks about that moment, if you change the word May to the word Colombia, in all the lyrics, you can understand much more what I mean, but it was that moment of dreams, of hope and of giving the future to the youth and our children”.

“Cecilia” is another of his songs with a special guest: Juan Luis Guerra. “It has been a real privilege to have him on this song that has a lot of joy, a lot of dance, a lot of Caribbean, a lot of electric guitar and reality,” she said.

The song is dedicated to Juanes’ wife, whose full name is Karen Cecilia Martínez Insignares.

“I composed this song for her after a moment of crisis where I tell her to look into each other’s eyes and to give ourselves a chance to start over and dance life together,” he said.

With the release of his eleventh album and his first with completely original songs in four years, Juanes released the video for “Cecilia”, filmed on the beaches of Colombia and directed by María Camila Calle, alias McCalle, in which Juanes, his wife and children.

Juanes was recently in Mexico City for a surprise performance on the streets near the subway. “It made me laugh a lot because there was a person who worked in a casino in front of where I was singing who came up and said to my manager ‘could it be that we can hire the Juanes impersonator?’… Another lady told me that if I He was the singer of ‘Los Juanes’, I told him yes, of course”, he pointed out with a smile. “I liked this very much, really”.

Juanes poses as President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden attend the White House National Christmas Tree lighting ceremony on December 2, 2021.Andrew Harnik/AP

When he began his career with his metal band Ekhymosis in Medellín, the three-time Grammy and 26-time Latin Grammy award-winning artist didn’t have a street musician phase, but he did look for all kinds of forums: “We played in garages, we did concerts around, clandestine, so to speak,” he recalled.

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