Juancho Hernangómez plays mistakenly with his signing for FC Barcelona

The uncertain future of a talented power forward in the transfer market

FC Barcelona’s main objective is to sign Juancho Hernangómez to complete your next template. However, the player has not confirmed his signing and has made it clear that there is still nothing definitive. In an interview with the newspaper Marca, Hernangómez has spoken about the speculation and has mentioned that his dream has always been to play in the NBA.

Although Barça has shown interest in the Madrid power forward, they have not made any offer so far. The key is in the wishes of the player, who is determined to exhaust all his options to continue playing in the NBA. Hernangómez has played for various teams in the US league in recent years and continues to pursue his dream of succeeding in that competition.

Juancho Hernangomez Barcelona
The chance to play alongside his brother at Barça

Juancho Hernangómez stressed that there is still no formal offer from FC Barcelona

Although the interest of the Catalan club in the player is evident, the player wants to make it clear that his priority right now is to continue playing in the NBA. “It is normal to speculate because my brother had the offer from Barça. But speculations are speculations. People have taken things for granted that are not true, but they also live from that and you have to understand it, ”said Juancho from the WOB Campus in Malaga, where he is currently located.

Juancho Hernangómez has played in the NBA for the last seven years, going through teams like Denver, Minnesota, Boston, San Antonio, Utah and Toronto. For him, playing in the best league in the world has been a dream come true, and he is determined to continue pursuing that dream, despite the obstacles that come his way. Although Juancho makes it clear that his desire is to continue in the NBA, he also leaves open the possibility of playing with his brother Willy at FC Barcelona.

Barça, for its part, does not hide its interest in the Spanish basketball player

Barça, for its part, does not hide its interest in counting the player on its squad. However, the club assures that it has not yet presented a formal offer to the player. The signing will depend to a large extent on Juancho’s final decision and his conviction that all doors in the NBA are closed to him.

The uncertainty surrounding the signing of Juancho Hernangómez by FC Barcelona continues, and both the fans and the club managers are waiting for news. Meanwhile, the player remains in suspense about his future and focuses on continuing to pursue his dream of playing in the NBA.

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