Juancho and Willy Hernangómez force Florentino to make a move: a lot of tension

Real Madrid and Barcelona compete for two greats in Spain.

Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​two of the most important clubs in the ACB League, are immersed in a tense competition for gaining the services of the Hernangómez brothers Juancho and Willy, two of the most outstanding national players in current basketball. Although Barcelona seemed to have the most advanced negotiations, the interest of Real Madrid has generated an unexpected twist in this dispute.

Both Willy and Juancho have shown great talent in their respective teams and have aroused the interest of various European clubs.. However, his initial predilection was Real Madrid, where they began their training as players and experienced outstanding moments. But now, Barcelona’s intentions have made them consider the possibility of a change.

Juancho and Willy Hernangómez
Both institutions seek to take over the services of the talented players, generating a real battle

The unexpected decision of Barcelona to sign the brothers Hernangómez Juancho and Willy

It is surprising that Barcelona, ​​which recently parted ways with one of its stars, Nikola Mirotic, aiming to release high signings, now be interested in signing two outstanding national players. This has generated some controversy and surprise in the world of basketball. In addition to reports from Central Defense, the Real Madrid coaches, Chus Mateo and Juan Carlos Sánchez, have made it clear that they do not intend to make any more signings at this time.

With this, it seems that Barcelona has taken the lead in the bid for the Hernangómez brothers. And both clubs are in a tense situation, since Real Madrid does not want to lose the opportunity to have two players of the quality of Willy and Juancho. However, the objectives of the Madrid club in the transfer market could lead him to focus his attention on other positions. Meanwhile, Barcelona continue to actively negotiate to secure the Hernangómez brothers in their ranks.

Tensions and decisions in the bid

The current situation between the two clubs makes it clear that there is a lot at stake in this battle for the Hernangómez brothers. Barcelona appear to be willing to do whatever they can to secure his transfer, while Real Madrid face tough decisions regarding their transfer market priorities.

Undoubtedly, Real Madrid and Barcelona are in an intense fight to sign the Hernangómez brothers. Although Barcelona has taken the lead in the negotiations, Real Madrid does not want to lose the opportunity to have these talented players. Willy and Juancho’s future hangs in the balance as both clubs continue talks and make strategic decisions.

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