Juan roman riquelme: "We trust the technical director we have"

Juan roman riquelmevice president of Boca Juniors, said this Thursday that maintains confidence in the management as coach of Hugo Ibarraafter the practice of the squad where DT stopped a team with four changes to play against Platense.

I see Ibarra well. He is happy, this is his house and he enjoys being here. We trust the coach we have and we are very happy with the squadthere are just three dates,” said the head of the Boquense Football Council at a press conference.

We want to improve and we know that it is a long tournament. Last year we were the best team, we won both championships, and now we hope to fight“, maintained the idol “xeneize”, who decided to speak unexpectedly with the media present at the Ezeiza property, just as the coach did after training on Wednesday.

Regarding the future of DT, Riquelme expressed: “Hopefully Hugo will be a coach for 20 years in Boca and hopefully I can stay 20 years, this is my home. I know that the fans are going to help me take care of the club“. Later referred to the team’s performancewhich so far has achieved 4 points in the Professional League with a win, a draw and a loss, the manager said that “We know that each game we play is analyzed much more than the rest. When there is a small problem, it is analyzed more than the rest. Luckily, the fan has it very clear”.

No Argentine soccer team plays well, but there are three dates and it is logical, it stopped for a long time. Last year we were lucky to win both tournaments, the team competes. It has an important stoppage like all Argentine soccer but there is a squad from a long time ago and we have to have a clearer order. We want to play better and I have no doubt that we are going to do it,” he analyzed.

The issue of the football level led Riquelme to expand on the analysis: “I like football, I am a fan of my club. We had to play with Racing, we had to play three games in the League and I think as a player… If it was difficult for me to return after three months, You have to understand that there was a very strange stoppage due to the World Cup issue“.

The first half against Central Córdoba in our stadium we did well, the second half we didn’t. Against Atlético Tucumán we had good minutes and others not. I watch all the matches, there are no good matchesall Argentine football suffers from the stoppage that occurred,” he added.

Later they asked him about the level of Colombian Sebastián Villa, who was sent off for assaulting a Talleres de Córdoba player. “Villa is worried, it is logical, he hurt his knee before finishing last tournament, he stopped for two months, he played a few minutes against Gimnasia in La Plata and against Independiente, and then came the World Cup stoppage. He has not competed for six months and it is logical that it will be difficult for him to catch up“, he expressed.

consulted by youth players and their participation in the first round for Boca, said that “everyone is playing, (Exequiel) Zeballos got hurt again and now he will have another stop. He did all the preseason well and we hope that when he returns we will be clear that when the doctor clears him it will take him thirty to forty more days to play again, we will have to be patient.”

Also highlighted the arrival next Sunday at the Bombonera of Martín Palermo as coach of Platense, although he has already done so on other occasions as DT of Godoy Cruz and Aldosivi. “Martín will be received as he deserves. He is one of Boca’s biggest idols. I hope he does well where he is, and that we can win on Sunday. I was lucky to play with him and he gave us a lot of joy, as a player and a fan. On Sunday he will enjoy going home,” he said.

Regarding his –for now– postponed farewell game as a player, Román said that he wants to “play one more game at the Bombonera”, and that “from now to the middle of the year, at some point we hope to be able to do it and enjoy it with our fans “.

Finally, Asked about his possible candidacy for president of Boca for the year-end elections, he responded to the Roman: “Candidate for President? I don’t know. I am grateful because they made me return to the club. We are close to reaching Bayern Munich with the largest number of members, and we hope to exceed 400,000 in December to take care of our club. Who is angry loses. I will never get angry. I am in the biggest club in the world, in my house and I have the obligation to take care of our club“, closed the last 10 xeneize.

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