Juan roman riquelme: "Benedetto and Zambrano have to reflect"

Juan roman riquelme: "Benedetto and Zambrano have to reflect"

“The boys have had an argument and now they have to reflect. Nothing more. It’s simplesaid the vice president of Boca. Juan roman riquelme in television statements shortly after learning that Darius Benedetto Y Carlos Zambrano, protagonists of a fist fight during halftime of last Sunday’s classic against Racing in Avellaneda, will not be taken into account for the next two games: this Wednesday against Rosario Central in La Bombonera and next Sunday against Defense and Justice in Florencio Varela.

Asked if it bothered him that Benedetto and Zambrano had fist bumped into each other on the sleeve, Román dribbled around the controversies and only expressed his surprise: “I have been lucky enough to be a soccer player and discussions between teammates mostly take place in training, in some reduced that out there they hit a kick or an insult. More than once the drawbacks are there. In an official match it is rare, because you are angry with the rival. You end up fighting with the opposite” said Riquelme who at all times of the interview with ESPN tried to put cold cloths on the situation and quickly turn the page: “Now it’s time for the boys to think, reflect and that’s it. We have to move forward. We are very happy”.

Regarding whether he will have a new talk with both, Riquelme assured: “I always talk to the players. They have had their talks after the locker room, also in the hotel. They talked and cleared things up. They are great people and we hope that it will not happen again”. And he closed with a powerful phrase: “They are idols and they have to know that they are professionals and set an example because the boys copy everything.”

After answering other topics about Boca’s hot news, Riquelme criticized the fact that there are leaks to journalism about what happens behind the scenes of the locker room. I wasn’t in there -said the vice-president- I don’t know what the discussion was about. But Even if I knew, I wouldn’t say it, because the things that happen in the locker room stay there, I’m surprised that you know everything.”

On the other hand, Riquelme confirmed that both the coach Hugo Ibarra and goalkeeper Agustín Rossi will fulfill their contracts at the club: the coach will do so until December 2022 and the goalkeeper until June 2023. “Ibarra has a contract until the end of the year, things are very clear. I have nothing to clarify. He managed the Reserve for more than a year and won two championships, he deserves to be where he is. He is an idol of the institution, of six Cups he gave us four “he said about the continuity of the coach.

Regarding Rossi’s situation, Riquelme pointed out that “we made the first proposal at the end of March, we offered to renew until 2026 because we are very excited that he will stay for many years. Within hours, his representative gave us his answer and we were surprised because we thought he had made a mistake. 20 days ago a very important offer was made to him, but he told us that he is not going to renew. We will enjoy it until June 30 and it makes us happy that people treat him with great affection, like the rest of the players,” he said.

Riquelme also made reference to the arrival of Sergio Romero as the new goalkeeper to replace Rossi. “Now we are lucky to bring a star like Sergio Romero-he pointed out- The most beautiful problem I can have is when I have three or four good players per position. It is the first time I hear that I bring a good one and it is a problem. Competing makes the players better and better “he expressed.

“They are doing things very well at home. They are being very strong, no matter how little is said. As a visitor we know that it is costing us. And that is why the second half with Racing gives us joy,” Riquelme pointed out about the team’s performance in the current championship. And regarding the work of the Football Council, he said: “I am not of the Council. I am very happy with the people of the Council even though all the slaps go to them. They are doing an impressive job and taking care of the club a lot.”

In addition, Riquelme maintained that the departures of Carlos Izquierdoz to Sporting de Gijón and Sebastián Battaglia as coach after the elimination against Cortrinthians of the Copa Libertadores were all for reasons “sports” and not institutional. “You don’t have to think about it too much. We are very happy with the decisions we are making. It is clear that not everyone is going to like it.” said the vice president and idol of the people of Boca.

Finally, Riquelme made a reference to the game against Central and the presence of Carlos Tevez in the Bombonera as technical director of the Rosario team: “He comes to his house and we are going to treat him with care and love. We are not friends, but I love him very much. I’ve known him since I was little. I hope you have a great day and without a doubt that all the fans are going to receive it very well” stated Román.


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