Juan Núñez is the player they want from the FC Barcelona board

FC Barcelona fans have asked the board of directors to support the signing of Juan Núñez as they believe he is a young talent with a great gift who could become the team’s next big star

In a market where they have managed to attract such important players as Willy Hernangómez and Jabari Parker, who came straight out of the NBA, the fans of Barcelona FC asked to be signed Juan Nuñez. The young point guard was one of the revelations of the season in Europe and gave Scariolo the confidence to be part of Spain’s national team at the World Cup, which will be held on August 25.

The 19-year-old point guard is said to figure prominently in the manager’s plans as he will be the team’s referee ahead of the loss of Ricky Rubio. In this situation, the player is displayed only at the media level FC Barcelona fans have asked that they try to complete the signing of Juan Núñez as soon as possible to prevent him from moving to another team.

Juan Núñez, the player FC Barcelona fans want
Juan Núñez is great with his role in the Spanish national team

Juan Núñez, the point guard FC Barcelona fans want

At the moment Juan Núñez is a member of Ratiopharm Ulm, a German team that won the first title in its history this season. The point guard has featured prominently throughout the season, which has boosted his predictions for the future NBA draft. A draft in which he wants to be in the first round.

Despite it, FC Barcelona fans have been demanding the signing of Juan Núñez, which would delay his exit to the NBA. But that doesn’t seem to be in the player’s plans, let alone given his past. And it is that the base in the academy of Real Madrid, a club from his city, has grown so that a signing for the main rival seems ruled out despite the recent events with Willy Hernangómez.

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The NBA, the next step for Juan Núñez

Despite the fact that social networks asked for his signature, Juan Núñez’s next goal will be the NBA. Next summer he will be one of the Spaniards to take part in the draft and all indications are that, apart from one upset during the season, he will be selected in the first round. And it is that it currently appears in the forecasts around the 28th place.

Additionally, it’s not a great draft for talent. Something that will boost the Spaniard’s hopes of promotion, especially if he wraps up a good World Cup and a great year in Germany. Be it as it may The signing of Juan Núñez by FC Barcelona is ruled outWell, that’s not what the player and the club want at the moment, even if the fans want it.

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