Juan Luis Guerra unleashes the party on the second day of Río Babel

Juan Luis Guerra has unleashed the celebration to the rhythm of bachata this Saturday on the second and penultimate day of the Río Babel festival (Madrid), where he has made a crowd of all ages dance around classics from his entire career.

The singer, accompanied by his 4.40 orchestra, has demonstrated with his intact vocal power that the 66 years that he shines on stage have respected his musical value: this is how the thousands of attendees have perceived it, who have shown their respect for the living myth with a full difficult to imagine in the previous day.

Kicking off with his hit “Rosalía”, the Dominican stepped onto the stage, imposing and stooped, unleashing the immediate fervor of the crowd with songs like “La travesía”, responsible for the first chants of the night, which would not stop to submerge the audience at a Latin dance marathon.

Flags of the Dominican Republic, but also of Mexico, Argentina or Venezuela, have waved in the air while the artist greeted not only the people of Madrid but all the Spanish speakers who accompanied him in hymns immune to the passage of time such as “El niágara en bicicleta” , which have been backed by some colorful visual effects that have added spectacularity to the recital.

His Christian devotion has found a place on the set list, first with “Eres”, dedicated to “Jesus, my Savior, King of Kings” and near the end with the song “Avispas” in which he uses verses from the Bible. to preach about faith.

However, if something has become clear after his display of vitality and mastery, it is his indisputable status as the king of bachata, confirmed in the succession of successes that “Bachata en Fukuoka” has chained with “Frío, frío” and, after her, the highly celebrated “Bubbles of love”, which has definitively surrendered the audience of the capital to its feet.

An exhibition of the talent of his orchestra in a long succession of songs performed by different musicians has led to the final stretch of the show, where, megaphone in hand, he has sung “The cost of life”, followed by “I hope it rains coffee “, where artist and public have melted into a single voice.

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A long recess that has led to fears that the singer would leave some of his greatest hits unsung has made the entire Caja Mágica cry out for his return when the spotlight returned him to the scene, with a change of costumes in tribute to his album “Pink bachata”.

“A ask for her hand” and the song that gives the LP its name have led to the farewell to, as a climax, have the artist dance arms raised with the attendees to the euphoric rhythm of “La bilirubina”.

The presence of Guitarricadelafuente has also stood out on this Saturday’s bill, who, with a hypnotic show in which he has combined popular songs with electronics, has shone with special intensity in the interpretations of “Agua y mezcal”, his return to the old song “Sixtinain” or his version, accompanied by the clapping of his band, of the classic “A mi manera”.

The closing of a day enlivened by “La Santa Cecilia”, the Colombians “Aterciopelados”, the beach son of “Mr. Kilombo” or the alternative reggaeton of “Tremenda Jauría” foresees the performances of “Eskorzo” and “Macaco” and will place to those attending its last day next Sunday, in which “Alizzz”, “La MODA” or “Jamiroquai” will perform, among others.

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