Juan Lebrón announces his withdrawal in Denmark

Juan Lebrón, who today in Copenhagen would have to face Lucho Capra and Alejandro Arroyo in the round of 16 of the Danish tournamenthas communicated that he will not appear at the match as a result of the physical problems that he drags in his right armwhich made him miss two tournaments with Galán on his return from the American tour.

Lebrón reappeared in Vigo, and after the semifinals he showed signs that his arm was not as he wanted. It seemed like a wrong interpretation. since he played the next day, on Sunday, in the final against Tapia and Coello. However, throughout the clash it seemed that he was trying to reserve the most violent blows, as if he were limping. An image similar to that offered by Coello, also a drive player.

Coello resigned before traveling to Denmark, with which he gave up the 175 points that he defended, while Galán and Lebrón, who also defended 175, ended up losing only 90, with which they rose to the first place occupied by Tapia, and who lost 1,000 by not playing in this Open.

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