Juan Guiliani Cury, economist and columnist for Listín, dies

Don Juanín, Juan Octavio Guiliani Cury, died early Thursday morning in a clinic in the Capital, suffering from health problems.

Son of a prominent family of public and private servants. He was born in Barahona on 12/22/1945.

His father, Don Juan Guiliani, a native of Corsica (territory belonging to France), was twice Attorney General of the Republic, Minister of Public Works, Health, Senator, Deputy, Governor and also died in the country in 2002 being Judge, Vice President of the Supreme Court of Justice.

His mother, Nadime Cury Elías, was a businesswoman, older sister of Jottin Cury, whose family came from Lebanon and settled in the community of Polo, Barahona. She was a visionary, because she was the one who was in charge of sending her children to study abroad. Juanín, Mr. Hugo Guiliani Cury, former ambassador; and Hector Guiliani Cury.

His great-great-grandparents and great-grandparents arrived in the Dominican Republic in 1884, where they dedicated themselves to growing coffee in the mountains of Santa Elena, Enriquillo, a community located in the southern region, Barahona.

Don Juanín spent his youth in Barahona. They are from there. As his father was a high official in the Trujillo era, he lived in various places in the South: San Juan, San Cristóbal, Jimaní and Neiba. Then they moved to the Capital. Don Hugo, his brother, was sent to military school at the age of 14. Juanín graduated from high school at Colegio La Salle, in Santo Domingo, and went to English colleges when he was 17 to 18 years old. Hector was sent to the university in Canada.

Until today he was married to Mrs. Olga Cortiñas Estrella. He leaves behind his children: Rachele, Juan Mauricio and Juan Enrique.

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Juan Guiliani Cury completed undergraduate and graduate studies between 1964-1973 at Saint Michael College in Vermont, Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico.

And, at Mc Gill University Montreal, Canada and Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada.

He received training at the Development Institute in Belgium and at the Technological Institute in Haifa, Israel.

Public service

In the days of the late former president Joaquín Balaguer, he began his career as a public servant as an assistant at the Canadian embassy until he culminated as a career ambassador at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Mirex). He worked at Cedopex, today ProDominicana.

He was Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs. Executive Director of Programming at the Ministry of Industry.

At the international level, he served as Marketing Director of the Latin American Sugar Exporters Group (Geplacea).

Private sector

At the private sector level, Juanín was Economic Editor of the newspaper HOY, collaborator in Listín Diario, executive director of the Association of Banks (ABA); and director of the School of Economics at UNPHU.

Juanín wrote more than a thousand articles in the national and foreign press. His journalistic vocation was accompanied by his desire to help his country as a public servant from his first post in 1969 when he entered the foreign service at the Dominican embassy in Canada.

Currently, he was the founding president of the Guyana Chamber of Commerce in the Dominican Republic.

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