Juan Carlos Navarro: “Laprovittola looks like me”

Juan Carlos Navarro lives a new stage in Barcelona. The former player is now part of the club’s board and watches everything from the stands. It is common to see the Barça legend in the stands of the Palau Blaugrana watching his team, from which he retired four years ago, and also to be close with the members of the squad. Navarro was relatively recently shooting 3-pointers in a warm-up in an image that went viral. That moment was used by the portal Basket News to chat with the Barça legend and review his professional career, in addition to talking about basketball today and how he sees the new generations.

Sarunas Jasikevicius went on to say that Navarro has not changed since his playing days. “He is silent and speaks only when necessary. listen and watch more than talk“, assured the coach. Navarro has confirmed that he has a great relationship with the coach, with whom he shared a team in the 2003 Euroleague, which Barça won. And he assures that in a hypothetical Barça historical quintet there would be the one who was the base of the team alongside other big names.”The Gasol brothers would be there, for sure. Saras in my time, Bodiroga too. Ricky Rubio from 2010. Now Niko [Mirotic]Cory [Higgins]…“., assures the former player, who, as the maximum tripler in the history of the Eurolia (623 triples), has recognized that sometimes he saw the hoop as a swimming pool.

Navarro, who is clear that Nicolás Laprovittola resembles him as a player, has also reviewed more issues and ensures that the new generations have changed. “It used to be easier to identify the franchise player on a team. There was Dimitris Diamantidis, Vassilis Spanoulis, even myself… Now it is very difficult for a player to stay for many years in the same club. Today’s young players only watch recaps and barely watch full games. And that is a problem. I think everyone thinks of the NBA without wanting to be important here.. Before, people identified much more with the players“Says the Catalan.

The former shooting guard has also talked about meeting Pau Gasol again, his inseparable partner with whom he has shared experiences in Barcelona, ​​the National Team and briefly in the Grizzlies. “We started together with Pau, and then we went our separate ways. We both love basketball. He likes to do many things. Golden State, COE, is also an ambassador for Barcelona… I think there would be many more chances of meeting here in Barcelona than anywhere else. His wife is from the US Maybe he could be part of the front office in the future, let’s seeNavarro said.

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Jasikevicius and his philosophy

How could it be otherwise, Navarro has also spoken of the current coach of Barça, Sarunas Jasikevicius. “He is passionate about the game. As a player, he was demanding. As a coach he is also very demanding. That’s because of his passion for the game. He feels part of this club. He feels part of Barça. There is a good and fluid relationship between us. When you are in a club like this, results are important. He believes in his work and we believe in him. There are always ups and downs during the season, but I think we can do great things together. I hope we can stay together for a long time. You have played with many Barcelona champion teams“.

Navarro has also spoken about the squad. “We want to have top-level players by combining them with youngsters. Our goal is to create a good chemistry between the staff and the players, the whole team. They must know what it means to play for and in this club. And the most important key is to show commitment. We all have to go together“, Said the manager before analyzing his players in more depth: “the mixture of top stars with youngsters, watching youngsters grow and help more and more every day. You can give them examples of those who are currently in the team or some who have been like Bolmaro. Another topic of conversation is the Rokas Jokubaitis case. What we are looking for is to find profiles that can fit in different positions. Basketball has evolved a lot. Players are not so strictly categorized now. Now they can do different roles“.

We follow Saras and her philosophy. The defense zone must generate a lot. He gives it a lot of importance. He believes that teams with players who generate and take advantage of taking care of the ball and a lot of use usually win“, sentenced Navarro.

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