Juan Carlos Cordero attentive to the bargains of Lugo for Real Zaragoza

With the objective of the stay fulfilled in its entirety, the blanquillo sports director concentrates on putting together a project whose goal is promotion yes or yes, and it will start with one of the Galician club’s discards.

Juan Carlos Cordero feels that his first objective since he arrived at Real Zaragoza has been fulfilled, saving the silver category. Already with the 4 defined teams that will play in the First Federation RFEF 2023-24, the hand painting he takes a little breather before playing the last game of the season. Meanwhile, the blanquillo sports director He is considering his next moves.

Precisely in that batch of the 4 teams relegated in LaLiga Smartbank, there is a player that Juan Carlos Cordero considers very usable in Fran Escribá’s squad. This is the offensive midfielder Josep Señé, who plays for CD Lugo, one of the clubs relegated to the bronze category. His contract ends with this season, and Zaragoza is already keeping an eye on him.

Juan Carlos Cordero Zaragoza
Attacking midfielder Josep Señé was one of the few who stood out at CD Lugo this season.

Juan Carlos Cordero considers that Señé is one of the few good things in Lugo that could fit in Zaragoza

Collectively, Lugo gave up very little, and as a result, its presence in the last box of the championship. But not all the players were at a very low level. One of the few who stood out was precisely Josep Señé, who worked as a midfielder and winger on both flanks. His polyfunctionality could be very good for the hand team, especially if the departures of Bebé, Mollejo or Larrazabal take place.

Cordero is already in contact with the player’s agent, who was looking for teams at LaLiga Smartbank. Mainly the Catalan does not want to play in the First RFEF, and the option of military in a historic Spain still in second, is much better than renewing with CD Lugo. His file will not be a problem, as it would be around 180,000 euros per season.

The other LaLiga Smartbank team interested in Señé and which could be a headache for Juan Carlos Cordero

In addition to the Zaragocista team, there is another club in the silver category that also made contact with the Barcelona midfielder. This is Albacete Balompié, who, by order of Rubén Albés, have already set about the task of reaching their signing, and even more so if they achieve the great goal of being promoted to the first division. At this moment the Albacetista club is sixth, with the last place in the playoffs.

If the Alba club manages to consolidate its sixth place, and later promote to LaLiga Santander, it will be a big problem for Juan Carlos Cordero and Zaragoza. And it is that Josep Señé will prefer to play in the highest category, leaving the blanquillo club planted. For this reason, the sports director Maño wants to speak to the attacking midfielder from now on.

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