JP Morgan shows interest in exploring new investment fields

The governor of the Central Bank, Héctor Valdez Albizu, said a working meeting with the investment bank JPMorganwhich was represented by Robert Cozzari and Eugenio Alarcón, in which they evaluated the course of investment operations of this international financial corporation in the country.

The representatives of JPMorgan expressed their complete agreement with the future of their investments, their good prospects for the future, and showed interest in exploring new fields of investment “given the existing macroeconomic stability and the attractiveness that in financial benefits it represents for JPMorgan”.

Likewise, they expressed that their immediate objective is to strengthen a long-term relationship with the BCRD and the Dominican Republic, and for this reason they are interested in consider new investment possibilities for larger-scale operations.

Valdez Albizu pointed out that the bases that support the fact that The Dominican Republic is today one of the most attractive places for foreign direct investment (FDI) on the international scene are the existing legal security, political and social peace, together with the high level of certainty perceived by investors.

He added that “if it were not for the existing brake due to the international geopolitical situation, Dominican Republic would still be in a higher position of privilege with respect to the global environment.

US$3,957.7 million in FDI
The Governor of BC offered a brief report on the behavior of the Dominican economy in 2022, noting that direct foreign investment was US$3,957.7 MM.

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