Joventut starts in Europe on the right foot

Joventut has started its participation in the Eurocopa 2022-2023 with a resounding victory against the Italian Germani Brescia by 80-63 after an unappealable last quarter (27-14) and with the American Henry Ellenson as the best of the game (18 points).

With William Howard and Leo Okeke out due to injury and without the ‘temporary’ Jarrod Jones, signed for a month, the Verdinegro coach Carles Durán moved his troops well, focusing on defense and trying to neutralize the battery of Italian shooters.

With Pau Ribas moving his team well, the Badalonese quickly opened the gap (12-7, m.4) and they forced the Italian coach Alessandro Magro to stop the match and through Amedeo Della Valle, Troy Caupain and John Petrucelli they turned the score around (14-16, m.7).

With constant changes in Brescia and the entry of Vives, Birgnader and Kyle Guy gave La Penya air that closed the room with a tight 23-22.

Joventut’s exit in the second quarter was devastating with Henry Ellenson, Birgander, Joel Parra and Ribas destroying Brescia’s defense for a 10-2 run (33-24, m.13) while Badalona’s defense was solid causing losses constant to the rival.

The transalpines returned to the charge and, with a tight 40-37 (m.19), Durán asked for time and a triple by Guy closed the first half (42-37). A new start from Badalona gave him the maximum advantage (47-37, m.22), although in Brescia John Petrucelli and Della Valle recovered again (50-49, m.27); no one was able to impose their rhythm.

A triple by former Obradoiro player, power forward Henry Ellenson gave oxygen to the Spanish (53-49, m.28) and the visitors missed three consecutive attacks. They entered the last quarter with that home advantage and everything to decide after a poor 11-12 run in the third.

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80 – Joventut (23+19+11+27): Ribas (10), Busquets (2), Feliz (10), Ellenson (18), Tomic (9) -initial team-, Guy (8), Vives (4), Maronka (-), Parra (6), Birgander (6), Ventura (2) and Kraag (5).

63 – Germani Brescia (22+15+12+14): Caupain (11), Della Valle (13), Petrucelli (13), Odiase (2), Gabriel (9) -initial team-, Akele (2), Cobbins (2), Massinburg (5), Cournooh (3), Moos (-), Burns (-) and Laquintana (3).

referees: Emin Mogulkoc (TUR), Uros Obrknezevic (SRB), Kristaps Konstantinovs (LET). No eliminations.

Incidents: Match of the first day of Group A of the European Championship 2022-2023, played at the Palau Olímpic in Badalona before 4,000 spectators.

New start in a green-black barrage, with the Dominican Andrés Feliz inspired for a partial 7-0 (60-49, m.32) and desperate visiting time although their shooters failed excessively. In addition, a triple by Ribas and a 3+1 by Ellenson, impeccable, and another by Guillem Vives closed a 17-2 run (70-51, m.35). materially deciding the dispute.

Brescia had only scored two points from free kicks in five minutes and their attack had been completely diluted by the defense from Badalona, ​​now very focused and with the young youth squad player Yannick Kraag, with five points almost in a row, he contributed to the final 80-63.

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