Joventut exhibition to storm the Palau and put the 1-1

In little more than a day, Joventut changed completely compared to the first game. Not in regards to what they have done throughout the season, but precisely because they were faithful to a style that has led them to be one of the four best teams in the competition. With a defense of the highest level, the black-and-white not only turned off the lights of Barça but were a whirlwind in attack. Feliz, Parra and especially Tomic generated a problem of enormous proportions for a Barça that did not stop losing balls throughout the entire meeting. Always in tow, the azulgranas tried to fix the mess in the last few minutes but it was too late. The series travels to the Olympic tied.

La Penya, much more intense in defense than in the first duel, he managed to steal and run, something that gave them the first advantage on the scoreboard. Happy, comfortable throughout the first half, he penetrated as he wanted and was a problem for a Barça team that was quickly charged with fouls. Tomic, paired with Davies, greatly improved Birgander.

The excellent visiting defense forced Jasikevicius to look for solutions and it didn’t take him long to find them. In fact, his first bet was the winner. I enter Exum, who with two triples and some excellent minutes, turned the score around. Also Abrines, very successful from the outside, signing the azulgranas a partial of 13-3. At the end of the first quarter the equality was maximum (27-27) because Penya continued to defend very well. And scoring from outside.

In the second the dynamic was maintained. The outside shooting of both was important while Penya’s ability to steal and run put them ahead. Eight balls were lost by the azulgranas, one by Joventut, in an unequal fight. Barça was not comfortable despite adding more rebounds. He did not have bad percentages, but the general feeling was that Penya had the game where he wanted. Or at least much closer than the first in the series (40-42).

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With a splendid Feliz and Birgander now scoring, Penya achieved the maximum of the match 42-50. The Caribbean point guard penetrated and doubled, speeding up the game and making life very difficult for Barça with a great quintet. And Parra appeared. From the triple, stealing, penetrating… In a waste of success and energy he put La Penya far ahead (44-56). Between Bassas and Tomic they just strengthened the advantage. The locals were simply unable to stop the verdinegro attack (53-65). It was the worst moment for the azulgranas.

Barça jumped on the parquet in the last quarter, quickly reducing the advantage below ten points (62-70). The environmental factor, with a Palau on, began to be noticed. But the direction of Calathes was very poor. In a poor match in direction (not so bad in scoring), he did not stop losing balls. And Joventut took advantage of it (64-77 with five to go).

Barça did not give up, It came at times to seem that he could have some option in the game. The best minutes of the azulgranas were the last, but they came too late. And even then they couldn’t reduce the difference too much, because Joventut didn’t stop fighting, running and scoring. Now, those of Jasikevicius, are forced to win in Badalona. And that is not easy at all.

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